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A framework to help field team leaders find a new way forward.

Why does your field team exist?

We all know the critical importance of understanding the needs of the customer. 


What you may not know is how radically those needs have changed, and how those changes have impacted trade engagement. 

While the pent-up demand for travel has never been stronger, consumer confidence in online booking has plummeted. The demand for working with a trusted advisor has skyrocketed. 

In turn, advisors have become even more dependent on the skills, insights, and resilience of their business development manager. 

All this disruption has created turmoil on field team performance.

  • Leaders struggle to establish new goals in such a volatile market

  • The team are fighting fires instead of focusing on strategic priorities

  • Expectations are not clear therefore accountability suffers

  • Some team members struggling while others soar. 

  • Teams lack the skills they need to adapt to a rapidly changing, digital-savvy, data-driven environment.

Why Work with Geraldine?


Geraldine started in the field. She led field teams for most of her career in travel. Geraldine knows firsthand the challenges of being the lifeline of support to the travel advisor. At the same time, how to achieve ambitious sales goals amidst the chaos and complexity of the travel industry.


What is unique about Geraldine is that she understands the industry from every perspective. From the front line to the CEO, and from Supplier to Retail. It is her strategic, 360-degree insights that cut to the heart of today's challenges. 


Geraldine is on a mission to help the travel industry come back better. Working with Supplier teams is one of the most critical strategies for an effective recovery.  

Shift Consulting by Geraldine Ree
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Three Pillars of High Performing Teams

After two years of engaging with all levels of the distribution, from front line, to CEO, I began to notice a trend among leaders.

  • Too many strategies to count

  • Hit and miss success stories

  • Fire fighting is the new normal

  • Burnout at the front line and leaders of all levels

  • Dramatic increase in need for support without the resources to respond 

  • Shift in a digital savvy consumer and consultant

  • Insufficient advisors to handle the demand 

  • Lack of effective data storytelling.

I also noticed a pattern in those that were able to rise above the challenges, and set a new direction forward. There are three pillars to High Performing Field Teams in a post pandemic travel era. 


Why Your Team Needs Our Program:

  1. Greater understanding of the big picture strategy to increase buy in. 

  2. Clarity of intention to paint the picture of what success looks like.

  3. Ability to use data, insights, and shared experience to shift performance. 

  4. Increased recognition of each individual contribution. 

  5. Reduce pain points of isolation while growing collaboration. 

  6. Role clarity to ease sense of not doing or being enough.  

Key Program Elements:

  • Executive coaching – 6 months of executive coaching following the Becoming Us Roadmap.

  • Strategic planning – Create a vision, mission, values, and priorities. 

  • Team diagnostic – Understand where each team member gravitates to, and how to leverage it.

  • Offsite workshop – Develop the Power of YOU, by understanding the journey from Me (Self Leadership) We (Interpersonal Communication) Us (Purpose and Influence)

  • Custom workbooks and recommended reading

  • 10X My Travel Business – resource tool for understand the three strategies of advisor engagement.

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