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What you can expect

Join travel industry leader and marketing expert, Geraldine Ree. As an experienced SVP Geraldine has held every seat at the table. Her ability to educate front line advisors with a big picture perspective is extraordinary. 

This is not a typical training course. There are no long-winded webinars, or back to the basics training that you’ve heard before. 

You will get a 360-degree overview of your business. A fresh approach to rebuilding the business you’ve always wanted, with new ideas that work! 

You will experience and learn:

  • A 90 Day reboot for you and your business

  • How to re-build a business that is fun, fulfilling, and financially rewarding

  • How do attract and retain high value clients 

  • Learn how to double your sales in half the time 

  • Boost your mindset to sustain your goals for the long haul

  • How to find, grow, and nurture your ideal clients

  • Master the “customer for life” cycle 

  • … and more! 

This program will take your business beyond where it’s ever been before! 

Do you want to know the secret to doubling your business in half the time and growing the business you’ve always wanted? ... 

What is the secret?

  • It’s not the sales you make … 

  • It’s not your impeccable customer service … 

  • It’s not your sensational social media presence …

  • The secret is in the moment. 

  • Each moment you decide what to do, and what not to do. 

  • You can choose to move towards your goal, or away from it. 

  • You can have everything you want.   

Flying Colors Academy is designed with a full spectrum curriculum supporting every aspect of your business.  It is specifically designed to rebuild your business in the new travel era.

The four key topics we cover are: Mindset, Marketing, Sales and Performance. 

The key learning objectives are to: 

  1. Establish the mindset of a Superstar, including how to tap into it, even when you’re not there. 

  2. Learn how to be indispensable to ideal clients (and stop trying to be all things to all people) 

  3. Identify and execute the step-by-step process for attracting and retaining customers for life. 

  4. Create a high-performance system to increase productivity, create flow, and maintain a healthy balance. 


How the Flying Colour Academy Works: 

  • You will join a small group of high achieving advisors who have committed to this journey. 

  • We begin with a 90-minute masterclass on establishing your big goals 

  • We meet bi-weekly for 60-minutes to unpack the four learning objectives of: Mindset, Marketing, Sales, and Performance

  • Each session you will be assigned homework to put the ideas you’ve learned into practice

  • There is an online course with 6 lectures on each topic for further enrichment 

  • You will meet with your instructor one on one two times to receive direct feedback on your business and to Ask Anything! 

By the end of this session, you will have experienced a wealth of business building acumen as well as a step-by-step system that you can continue to implement. 



A System for Your Travel Business: The Four Forces Framework  



Your Value Proposition: How to Stand Out and Stand Up for your Travel Business 



 The Mindset Shift: Your Vision, Purpose, and Who You Serve



The Customer Shift: Rebuild Your Travel Business from the Bottom of Your Heart – Up! 



Your Marketing Attraction System



The Sales Staircase: It’s a One-Way Escalator to the Top! 



The Success Blueprint: The Secret to High Performance 



Re-framing Your Travel Business for Impact! 



Set Your Business Up for the Next Three Years 

From a happy student:

"I have been learning so much from the Flying Colours academy with Geraldine Ree.  Not just learning, but actually implementing techniques and strategies to not only improve my business, but to design the travel business that fits my purpose, vision and unique gifts. "

"If you are tired of being the hamster on the wheel and want to feel more joy in your business AND make it profitable at the same time, Geraldine can help you and she'll help you get there with the least number of steps.


I'm enjoying every part of the training, from the worksheets and workbooks to the bi-weekly seminars to the individual meetings with Geraldine where I can ask anything. Geraldine understands the travel business from many different perspectives, so she's able to understand exactly where I'm coming from, where I'm at and where I want to go. She helps me to sort out the chaos in my head and come up with actionable plans. She provides clarity and simplicity.   I've especially enjoyed the detailed workbook on figuring out my ideal client and also the workbook to create a marketing plan. I've not been able to find the resources and information that Geraldine provides anywhere else.


The cost of the course is such a small investment for the content. It's not just fluff and hype, (although Geraldine's enthusiasm is contagious), it's a lot of meat.


If you're a high achiever who is willing to work and are open to listening and putting strategies into practice, this is THE course for you to take your travel business to the next level.


Just do it.  Invest in yourself with Geraldine. 🙂 "

Amanda Cummings

Cruise and Vacation Specialist 

About your Instructor

Geraldine Ree is an experienced SVP, entrepreneur and author of the best-selling book, Flying Colors: The Travel Advisor’s Guide to Breakthrough.


Geraldine’s knowledge covers all aspects of the travel industry including over two decades as senior leader for both Expedia Cruises and Princess Cruises. Her passion for helping advisors achieve their goals is unmatched! 

She is exactly what you need to get the travel business you want!

She is passionate about purpose-driven service, diversity, and inclusion. She is Godmother to the Viking Eistla and is currently enrolled in the Thought Leaders Business School in Australia. 


Phone: +1 604 649 0272 

Address: 15930 Humberside Avenue, Surrey, BC, V3S 0J1

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