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Why Process Matters In Your Travel Business

Why Process Matters to Your Travel Business

Are you running your travel business, or is it running you?

The benefit of a good process is that it reduces the reliance on you to add value.

Whether you are a solopreneur or running a large agency with a team, a well-documented process provides consistency.

  • Consistency builds customer trust because they know what to expect when buying from you.

  • You are easy to buy from and easy to refer to their friends.

  • Consistency saves you time because you find better and easier ways to get things done.

There are three stages to the process of creating customers: Attraction, Service, and Retain 

Here are a few tips for improving the effectiveness of your customer creation process. 

  1. Customer Attraction: Be Indispensable, one customer at a time.

The goal of creating customers is not to be all things to all people but to become indispensable, one customer at a time.

Creating a steady flow of ideal customers who share similar travel passions, interests, and needs reduces the randomness and creates a customer-centric approach to your business.

2. Customer Service: A step-by-step approach to delivering your sales promise.

The key to the process is to identify the core steps you take to deliver on your promises to the customer. Once you get it out of your head and into a process, you immediately find ways to improve it.

  • Do what they need, eliminate what does not add value.

  • Improve your workflow by doing things in the most time-efficient way

  • Do it again! Find others who are similar, so you put that hard-earned knowledge to work

      3. Customer Advocacy: Create an experience they will remember long after the vacation.

They will cherish their memories. Will they remember the role you played in bringing them to life? Walt Disney stated it best:

“Do what you do so well that people will come back to see you do it again and again. And they will bring their friends to see you do it too.”

Making your process visible, repeatable, and subject to continuous improvement can make life easier, make customers happier, and increase revenue.

Enjoy the Journey! 

PS What are the core processes in your travel business? How might a good process help you do less to achieve more? 


Are you ready to Elevate Your Travel Business? 

I help business owners elevate the value of their travel business by doing less and leading more.

Working with a strategic business coach can save you hours and pinpoint the critical areas of opportunity for growth in your business. What is unique about working with me is that I have walked a mile in your shoes. I have over four decades of experience, perspective and a proven system to support you. 

Here is what we are up to in our programs! 

Elevate Coaching - One year of private mentorship for a customized approach to growth.

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PS. Is this your year to grow your team? I am passionate about helping travel agency owners recruit and engage top talent. 

Join our Recruitment Intensive Program April 18 to June 13th (4 spots left!) 

Why is this course important? 

  • Streamline your Recruitment process for instant and long-term results! The entire industry is short-handed, and travel is on the rise! Investing in a better recruiting method has never been more critical. 

  • Grow Your Business with a Bigger Team! Business is thriving, and you cannot keep up with the demand. More and better advisors is the best way to reach new markets and sustain growth. 

  • Personalized Mentorship and Support! I have walked a mile in your shoes and have firsthand experience bringing thousands of advisors into the travel industry. 

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