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Professional Facilitator

Why do I need a facilitator?

When you need to design, evaluate or clarify strategy, a facilitator can lead the discussion to ensure every voice is heard. A professional facilitator builds trust in a new direction, overcomes objections, and helps identify new opportunities.

What’s unique about Geraldine is her 360-degree experience as both an executive and entrepreneur. Her 30,000-foot view provides a much-needed context to the discussion. This, combined with her unique ability to extract insight to help your team win sets her apart. She is obsessed about inclusiveness and firmly believes that every contribution matters. Without her, you may be leaving gifts, and therefore money on the table.

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Geraldine Ree Proprietary “Shift” Workshops

After 25 years leading teams, and growing a business, what I love most is a GOOOOOOD workshop! There is nothing more energizing than a day spent with equally engaged peers imaging a bigger and bolder future together.

The downside of workshops, if not well executed, is they can be draining, discouraging and a complete waste of time.

In my experience, a professional facilitator makes a world of difference. I promise, working with me, your workshop will be both life-changing and life-giving!

I’ve designed 4 workshops to choose from

  1. Breakthrough Workshop – Momentum is the cornerstone to breakthrough. In this session we will start with a situation analysis, set new goals, break barriers, and re imagine a bigger future.

  2. Strategy Workshop – I help teams create a one-page strategic plan for growth that is highly inclusive and interactive. You’ll leave with a clear plan of action, new tools and shared accountability for enthusiastic execution.

  3. Ideation Workshop – The best ideas are in the room … we just need to see them free! They come from the most abstract places. This fun and interactive session teaches you the process of ideation to find a bigger, bolder and better ideas for your business, project or promotion.

  4. Speakers Workshop – The annual conference workshop brings together key speakers and contributors to co-create the Event of the Year! Not only will you put on a game-changing event, each speaker will raise their game to a whole new level long after the event is over.

Custom Workshop – Where are you stuck? Are you looking for new ideas for growth? Perhaps you’ve lost an important team member, customer or other blow below the water line? We can customize a workshop that helps identify “where to from here” for you.

Productivity Shift – From 100 steps in the wrong direction to 1 step in the right one.



Leading from Home


The biggest communication challenge leaders face now is navigating the changing landscape of the virtual world.  Even the best leaders struggle as they try to evaluate, motivate and communicate in real time as the world keeps changing around them. Top that with new technology requirements, overbooked calendars and growing concerns about “when will this end.”

I coach leadership teams, entrepreneurs, and solopreneurs who find themselves seeking higher ground when it comes to “Leading from Home”. When what got you here, won’t get you there, I can help!

From brass tacks stills of facilitating on camera, to ensuring that your Purpose, Vision and Plan are connected to your leadership message.


I’m the dot connector who shares insights that will inspire everyone to grow with you!


Speakership – A Mentorship Program for Speakers

Let me put words, models, data and ideas into enthusiastic, energized action! My unique approach to mentoring speakers is ensuring the words reflect your meaning, and that your meaning matters.

I bring a fresh new perspective balanced with the key message you are bringing to life!

From team meetings to one on one, high stakes conversation I help you deliver a clear and compelling message that drives success!


Keynotes Speakers Workshop

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“The Bigger the Future the Better the Present”.

                                                                                   Author Unknown


Leading from Home with Geraldine Ree



I help you imagine a bigger, better bolder future to help you rise up in a Virtual World.

Leading from home has rapidly and dramatically changed the future of speaking. My programs are designed to resonate in a virtual world. From small group meetings to large gatherings I help you translate navigate the complexities of getting your message heard online.


Keynote topics:

  • Leading from Home

  • Sales, not Sales – How to engage your entire organization in the sales process

  • Attracting and Retaining Top Talent

  • Virtual Breakthrough: Key strategies for bringing ideas to life online.

  • Top 10 Attributes of Excellence

  • 10 X Your Business

  • Leading from Your Living Room

  • Mindset Shift: Passion to Purpose

Who I've helped


In this workshop we’ll consider how to capture the essence of breakthrough on a daily basis in order to create unstoppable growth.  The 4 Forces Framework is the foundation of a Breakthrough Culture

  1. Mindset Shift – From passion to purpose.

  2. Customer Shift – From all people to the right people

  3. Sales Shift – From a “won and done” trophy to a step by step process

  4. Productivity Shift – From 100 steps in the wrong direction to 1 step in the right one.

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