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Because reading what you've learned helps you apply it!

I am thrilled to introduce my new book, 10X My Travel Business!


This book is for travel agency owners and advisors who are keen to make up for two long years of lost time and customers.

It is packed with fresh ideas and proven strategies for earning more money and saving time

After two long years of a pandemic, nobody relishes the idea of working harder. 


It's not even about working smarter - you are clever enough!  

In fact, you have everything you need to get everything you want! 

10X means getting better.

Better you, better clients, better business!  


10X My Travel Business is a unique approach to getting everything you want. A travel business that is fun, fulfilling, and financially rewarding. 

10X My Travel Business is now available through Amazon! 

Front and back book cover Flying COlors.png

Flying Colours is the book that every travel advisor and agency owner needs to take stock of in their business. 

Written with advisors in mind who were stuck in their travel business and ready to break through to a new level in sales. 

It is a practical, step-by-step approach to shifting your business. 

It's time to stop being all things to all people and to learn a more practical approach to specialization. 

The book is available on Amazon.


I also offer three programs as part of my Flying Colours Academy.  

Ready to take the next step?

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