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Travel Agency Owners

Get clarity on where to go from here. 

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Is your ownership journey hitting a wall?

In an industry fueled by passion, it’s easy for agency owners to fall into the trap of overwhelm and overworked.

The very thing that attracts you to travel is not enough anymore. Passion is replaced by burnout. 

There comes a point in every travel business where we reach our capacity to deliver. I’m guessing that is YOU? 

I work with travel agency owners with teams of five to five hundred. I help you get grounded so you can soar. 

My unique approach is to find that thing you do that no one else can do. Your unique ability is the way over the wall. Let me show you how. 

Are you...

  • A go-getter who is not achieving your full potential yet

  • Stuck doing too many things that don’t excite you 

  • Not sure what you really want and how to get it

  • Willing to put in the right hours versus the long hours 

  • Ready to work with a coach who can serve your needs and hold you accountable?

Here's How My Elevate Coaching Program Works:

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  • 12-month intensive one-on-one coaching and mentoring 

  • 1 Intake session to customize our initial 90-day program

  • 4 Quarterly renewal sessions 

  • 6 Spokes of our Elevate Coaching Roadmap  

    • Planning for goal attainment 

    • Performance-based measures for continuous improvement 

    • People are the plan - a leadership strategy for high-performing teams 

    • Me - Self Leadership - Mindset, Method, Mastery 

    • We - Interpersonal leadership and communication 

    • Us - Influence ahead, alongside, and behind your team


Who this program is for:  Travel Agency Owners and Industry Leaders whose success depends on leading themselves and others. 

What People are Saying

       From the first time I heard Geraldine speak, I kept thinking, 'she gets me; she’s in my head and she’s walked the walk and talked the talk!' I treasure the wisdom and passion she gives in servicing to elevate leaders in the Travel Community.

Donnalea Maddely, Travel Agency Owner

     Working this last year with coach Geraldine has been the most informative, eye-opening and soul-searching time in my business yet! She has helped me learn to become a better business person., and team leader.  She just knows how to bring out the best in me.      Geraldine is the person you would want to work with if you would like to make a change in your business and yourself!

Janice Lonnqvist,

Travel Agency Owner

Ready to bring passion and satisfaction back into your travel agency?

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