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Elevate Coaching

 Lead Yourself, Engage Your Team and Take the Market By Storm

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Is it Time to Reach for New Stars?

The best of you is ahead of you! 


I am here to make impossible dreams come true! 

Travel Agency Ownership is hard. It is lonely, isolating, and never, ever sleeps.

Are you overwhelmed by the challenges of leading your team and navigating the dynamic travel industry?  If you are like most agency owners, you are running shorthanded. You are trying to do it all, and it is getting in your way.

I am here to help you: 

  • Get clarity on your goals and your journey.  

  • Re-ignite your passion, find your purpose, and become all you were born to be! 

  • Recruit and engage superstar advisors, not just a select few carrying the load.

  • Own Your Market:  Differentiate your position so customers find you and your team first! 

I help agency owners build a better business in less time. 

The first step is to get clarity on what BETTER means to you. 



Life is short, and the window is closing. 

Every day, I see travel agency owners who want to make changes but keep doing the same things that are holding them back.  What you do is essential. It is vital. Yet, it may not be your most valuable work. Working IN the business: 

  • Risks your future

  • It keeps you playing a safe and lesser game

  • It stops you from doing what matters most to you and those who care about you.

The solution is to work with a coach who sees potential in you, your team, and your market. 

Why Choose Elevate Coaching 

  1. Expert Guidance and Insight 

  2. A Roadmap to Success 

  3. Proven strategies, practices, and tools 

  4. Accountability and Support

  5. Overcoming Obstacles

  6. Accelerated Growth


Geraldine Ree

Author, Strategist, Coach

Helping Agency Owners build a better business, one human at a time. 


Transform your Future with Elevate Coaching

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3 EASY Steps: 

  1. ​Set up a FREE clarity call. 
  2. Take the Elevate Coaching Program that will transform your approach to building your business, in less time.
  3. Lead the business and team you have always wanted! 

What does a better business mean to you?

Our clarity does not cost you anything but may change everything! 

The easiest decision you will make on your next step. 

Are you...

  • A go-getter who is not achieving your full potential yet]

  • Looking to grow your team

  • Stuck doing too many things that don’t excite you 

  • Willing to put in the right hours versus the long hours 

  • Ready to work with a coach who can serve your needs and hold you accountable?

What People are Saying

Geraldine's Elevate Coaching program is a game changer for your business. Her coaching keeps you accountable and gives you a chance to think and work on your business in new ways. It's definitely worth it!


Geraldine is just what you need in a coach. She is a cheerleader when you need her to be, a no-excuse coach when you start telling your story that doesn’t help you drive your business. She is agenda-driven but always open to working on something that may have come up between sessions. She works on your strengths and weaknesses and can see in you what maybe you can’t see. 

Susan Walker

Franchise Owner

     Working this last year with coach Geraldine has been the most informative, eye-opening and soul-searching time in my business yet! She has helped me learn to become a better business person., and team leader.  She just knows how to bring out the best in me.     

Geraldine is the person you would want to work with if you would like to make a change in your business and yourself!

Janice Lonnqvist,

Travel Agency Owner

Take the Elevate Advantage Assessment

Get a free and personalized report to uncover your path to success!

The Elevate Advantage Assessment will help you gain fresh insights into how Lead Your Team to success in the travel industry! 


This assessment is designed for agency owners and leaders who desire to build capability in themselves and others. 


Ready to bring passion and satisfaction back into your travel agency?

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