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Lead Your Team: Be Brilliant At The Basics

Updated: Sep 15, 2023

Lead Your Team: Be Brilliant at the Basics

High achievers know how to get things done! Your rise to the top of your field by turning passion into results. However, when achievers become leaders, the very thing that got you to where you are may create a blind spot in leading others, especially when they don’t do things your way or refuse to “buy-in." Have you ever wondered why someone on your team doesn't do the very thing you ask - over and over again? Step back, take a breath, and consider this. Achieving and leading is different. When we achieve, we develop a unique ability. None of us are good at everything. Even the most accomplished people have things that take them twice as long as anyone else. Achievers lean in on their strengths. They ride on the coattails of their superpowers and hope no one discovers their shortcomings until it won’t matter. For example,

  • A great speaker can skip the preparation and have the audience on its feet.

  • A numbers genius can win over a room with data storytelling but bores the team senseless when delivering a speech.

  • A business owner can step in and sell better than everyone on the team but needs help explaining their process.

High achievers have passion, determination, and perseverance that drive them to a result.

Driving is not leading.

The irony is that, unlike achievement, leadership doesn’t demand anything from us but to bring out the best in others.

It helps to remember that none of us are good at everything. Perhaps that person you lead is not at the point where they can hide their shortcoming, but they are doing everything they can to develop in other areas where they are strong.

The best leaders have high levels of self-awareness, profound empathy, strong communication skills, and the ability to inspire diverse teams to achieve extraordinary results. They do not focus on weaknesses, they highlight strengths.

Leaders need their entire team to develop their skills - superpowers and essentials. Not just a few superstars. Great leaders assume the best in every single person they lead.

We get what we expect. If you want others to do their best, recognize their best effort, not the result.

The first time I was given a leadership role, overnight, I went from being recognized for my contribution as an individual achiever to being responsible for leading a team of seventeen field sales managers across the US and Canada.

I was lost. I had yet to learn to lead a diverse group from different states, ethnicities, ages, and backgrounds. A deep sense of panic set in.

“What if they find out that I am a fraud? I have never led a team.

What do I know about helping others win?”

Fortunately, I had been mentored by an incredible boss; He didn't call me out for my inexperience. He didn't focus on my shortcomings. He coached me with his wisdom.

“When in doubt, be brilliant at the basics."

To be brilliant at the basics, it's like making sure that all four tires have air. The car will be out of alignment if even one skill is off.

Figure out the basics of leadership. Just do that. Figure out the basics for your team to achieve their goals. Focus on that.

The key is to do everything you can to model, train, and empower others in the basics without losing sight of the individual's unique gift.

Achieving as a leader is when those individual lights shine so brightly you can see them from the moon. What a privilege!

Enjoy the leadership journey!


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