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The First 90 Days

Getting New Advisors Up to Speed The First 90 Days

How will you ever get new advisors up to speed in this complex world of travel? If this is holding you back, you are not alone. Most of the agency owners I have spoken with in recent weeks know that they need to recruit, yet the thought of trying to onboard them is daunting!

It is incredibly challenging when you have high standards and only want the best service to represent your brand.

In reality, onboarding is not easy, but it is entirely possible.

Doing it wrong will cost you, but doing it right will not only support your new advisors but investing in your onboarding process will lift the effectiveness of your entire team. Here are some top tips on how to get new Advisors up to speed.

  1. Create an Onboarding Strategy

Everything is more accessible when you get it out of your head and onto paper.  A good strategy starts with a goal and establishes the critical criteria for an effective onboarding process.

If you seek to deliver a high standard of service through attention to detail, exceeding expectations, and excellent communication skills, that is where you start.

2. Document Your Process

“Step by step, I cannot think of any other way.” Michael Jordan

Consider the most essential steps and group them into buckets, such as customer attraction, customer service, product knowledge, technology, and getting paid.

3. Deep and Narrow over Far and Wide

Consider the most important, non-negotiable aspects of “exceeding expectations.” Focus on being brilliant at the basics rather than hit and miss on various skills.

Put the blinders on and reign them in from trying to “know it all" especially when it comes to product knowledge. Pick your preferred partners and double down on the best way to learn about them.

4. Is it a principle or a process?

  • A process is a step or one of many steps, such as setting up profiles, adding names to your CRM, or creating an invoice. Coaching advisors on the importance of the process improves their efficiency.

  • A principle lies at the heart of effectiveness. Timeless principles such as communication, customer service, and developing a learning mindset have many layers. They can be taught repeatedly, in different ways and always have an impact.

5. Helping One Another Learn  

Onboarding is a team-building exercise. New advisors have much to learn from your experienced advisors. We all remember that person who helped us when we were new.

Be intentional about setting up learning partners, sharing time, and integrating wisdom from the journey. Onboarding new advisors in the first 90 days can be challenging, but it is achievable! When you focus on planning, deliberate process, and collaboration with your team, you can ensure your new hires become effective contributors quickly. Investing in their growth from day one sets the stage for a dynamic team that consistently meets and exceeds high standards.

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