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Yes or No?

The Killer Skill that Everyone Needs

Yes or no.

  • Yes, I will do this, or no I will not do this.

  • Yes, I will do this today, or no I will not do this today.

  • Yes, I will do this now, or no, I will do this later.

We waste more time on indecision than on anything else.

According to the National Science Foundation, an average person has about 12,000 to 60,000 thoughts per day. Of those, 80% are negative and 95% are repetitive thoughts.

Indecision is a massive timewaster. To avoid it try making it an enthusiastic yes or a hard no. Let's explore how to get you there.

My mother used to push back if she ever heard a “ya” in our house.

It wasn’t just the grammatical slang that she objected to. “Ya, I’ll do” it never passed her commitment test.

“Yes, with an “s” shows that you are fully committed to doing the work!”

Deciding what you say yes to must be linked to improving the likelihood of achieving the life you want.

Saying yes well looks like this:

  • Yes, this will be a concrete step towards my goal.

  • Yes, doing this will serve others well.

  • Yes, doing this today will help me grow.

  • Yes, doing this today will save me time.

  • Yes, doing this today will make me money.

On the other hand, saying NO may possibly be even more valuable, especially when that is hard for you.

Just the other day an agency owner said to me,

"Everyone comes to me for everything. I'm exhausted but I find I say yes because

I can't immediately think of a good reason to say no."

If you struggle with boundaries, know that your dreams matter. Saying no, especially to things that people can do for themselves, leaves room for a bigger yes!

When asked how he created the statue of David, the artist Michelangelo shared, “I chip away at everything that isn’t David.

The impact of saying no can be profound.

Saying no with conviction looks like this:

  • No this is a distraction

  • No, nobody asked me to do this or needs me to do this

  • No, doing this today will not help others more than if they learned to do it themselves

  • No, doing this today will not save me time.

  • No, doing this today won’t earn me any more money

So how do you decide, yes, or no? It’s not always a black-and-white decision. Your decisions are based on your big goals and dreams. The bigger, and more vivid the dream, the easier it is to say "yes with an s", or, "nope, that’s a hard no!"

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