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Our Journey Together

Shift Consulting by Geraldine Ree
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I'm the person you call when you need help, but can't figure out what you want or whom to ask. 

I'm a professional business coach. I'm obsessed with helping high achievers skyrocket without losing their balance.

Working together, I'll get you there in half the time and help you make the impact you've always wanted. 

Your success is my only goal.

About Me 

My knowledge covers all aspects of leadership in the travel industry, including over two decades as an executive with Expedia Cruises and Princess Cruises. My passion for helping people achieve their goals is unmatched! I'm exactly what you need to get the travel business you want.  

In 2021, I made the leap into entrepreneurship and started my business coaching practice. Although I have been coaching my entire career, I decided that helping people achieve their dreams is my life’s work. 

A Range of Resources to Choose From

My mentoring, workshops, and training programs are designed to combine the skills you need with the level you seek.

I provide hands-on coaching, worksheets, tools, resources, support, guidance, and accountability. My step-by-step proven framework is both adaptable and fool-proof.

How do you find the right Mentor…that special person who matches your energy, attitude, and ethics? Like finding a life partner, you pull out your pen and paper and write a list!

The clients I choose…

As for me, my clients come to me as much as I seek them… I’m kinesthetically drawn to high achievers who raise their hand for help!

My clients’ challenges vary greatly, but they tend to share these characteristics: 

  • They are go-getters (even if at the moment you don't feel like it)

  • They have a dream

  • They care about others

  • They are humble, kind, and compassionate

  • They have a sense of playfulness

  • They are willing to try new things

  • They are willing to clean up their side of the street

  • They do the work!


Final thoughts

If you’ve made it this far, I see you. I see your determination and I know you’ve got this. Never leave the scene of a decision without acting. I’d love to explore it with you!

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