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I'm Geraldine Ree

a performance strategist.

I’m dedicated to helping leaders get the best from their teams by helping them become all they can be! 

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I believe that better always comes before bigger. 

As a high achiever, success comes to you by having strong attention to detail and an ability to accomplish the impossible.


Suddenly, often without realizing it, the demands on your skills shift from doing to being. 

The skill of leading by being fully present, enabling the skill and inspiring action versus rolling up your sleeves and getting things done is one of the most challenging barriers to overcome. 

It starts with leading yourself. Better boundaries, more time thinking, and less time being overworked.

My proven, step-by-step approach is designed to help leaders with even the most chaotic schedule, find a new and better path forward.

Today is the day things can change for you! 

Shift Consulting by Geraldine Ree
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If you want the best the world has to offer, then give the world your best.

-Neale Donald Walsh

Programs by industry role:

What's unique about me is that I've held every seat at the table, from the front line to the CEO. I've led teams on both the retail and supply side. I am like a travel industry whisperer with four decades of experience. This gives me a unique perspective and a fast track to removing roadblocks.


I specialize in mobilizing individuals and teams through strategy. 


I take on a limited number of clients from each of the following sectors: 

How I Help:

What People Say:

Ready to Get Started on the Journey to a Thriving Business + Life?

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