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Recruitment Intensive 
with Geraldine

September 18 to October 10th

  • 4 Weeks

  • Hands-on Weekly workshop

  • Live, facilitated online classes

  • Resources, tools, and tips galore!

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Impact and Results

What an amazing course! Geraldine has a true passion and dedication for the Travel Industry and helping agents build a business they love. 


The way she breaks downs the systems, processes and goals have been invaluable. I'm so excited to put all the lessons into action and can't wait to work with Geraldine in the future!

Kelly McCartney, Travel Agency Owner

Where did all the advisors go? 

The Bad News: The travel agency community lost 20% of our experienced advisors through the pandemic. The entire industry is short-staffed. 

The Good News: The US Bureau of Labor and Statistics estimates we will add back that 20% or more in the coming decade. 

The consumer is embracing the role of the travel advisor! As high as 50% of consumers are using a travel advisor for the first time.


It's time to make these numbers work for you!

Why Recruitment Matters

Do you want to grow your business or scale your business? 

Are you tired of being the hardest-working person you know? While the travel industry is passionate about what we do, it is also home to some of the most overworked, overwhelmed, and under valued small business owners I know. 

We all want to grow a successful travel business. 

The key to a successful business is to scale rather than grow. That means adding revenue without adding costs.  The mistake most travel agency owners make is that they put enough value on their own time as a cost. 

Recruitment allows you to grow revenue at a lower cost than if you did the work yourself.


Work with me as I help you achieve dreams through teams!  

Who is this course for?

  • You have a passion for building your dreams through teams

  • You believe in making a bigger impact 

  • You are tired of stepping in and doing it all 

  • The long hours and going flat out is taking a toll

  • You are losing business 

  • You are stuck and want to recruit at least four new advisors

  • You don't have it all figured out - there are too many moving parts.


Who is this course NOT for?

  • Those curious but not serious about growing your team.

  • Those looking for a quick, get-better pill. 

  • Those looking for a one-off addition to your team

  • Those too busy to set aside a few weekly hours to learn AND implement a new approach to recruitment.

What You Get:

  • 4 Intensive Weeks of Sessions, Workshops, and Videos

  • Ask Me Anything - Sessions to get "unstuck"! 

  • A Roadmap to the Stars Project Planning tool 

  • Templates, checklists, and resources you won't find anywhere else!

  • Results! A proven system for Recruiting and Onboarding Advisors.

Four Week Agenda

By the end of this experience, you will have a fresh new perspective, a full suite of tools, and most of all, RESULTS!! 

Don't wait! 



Pull out your Roadmap to the Stars and start your journey! Every good plan starts with a goal. We begin with the end in mind and establish goals, best practices, and reveal your complete Recruitment checklist! You’ll be amazed at the resources available to you!



Finding Your Ideal Advisors. The biggest roadblock to recruiting superstars is where to find them? The fact is, when you do the right work, they will find you. Advisor prospects have one thing in common. They are passionate travelers. Beyond that there are several consistent traits that superstar advisors have in common. Our goal is to get clarity on who you are looking for, before we start the search!



Everywhere, All at Once, All the Time! Marketing for Advisors is like every other marketing system. Its success lies in consistency. You need to have the right message, at the right time, in front of the right prospects. Now that you have clarity on who you are looking for, our goal for this session is to provide everything you need to get the word out!



Closing the Deal! How do you know when you’ve found “the one”.  Scheduling, interview questions, timing, follow up, and more! The greatest disappointment when you finally find “the one” is when they slip away. The mistake most agency owners make is in the final approach. We’ll cover everything you need to close with confidence!



Your Superstar Advisors First 90 Days! Stephen Covey wisely shared, “Begin with the End in Mind.” So often we don’t get started because we cannot visualize how we will manage the training process. We conclude this journey by looking ahead at your first 90 days of coaching your superstar.


"If you are tired of being the hamster on the wheel, Geraldine can help you and she'll help you get there with the least number of steps!"

I enjoyed every part of the training from the bi-weekly seminars to the Ask Me Anything sessions with Geraldine where I can ask anything. Geraldine understands the travel business from many different perspectives.

She helps me to sort out the chaos in my head and come up with actionable plans.

Recruitment Intensive Program Details

Are you ready to create your plan, find your people, and change your life?


We all start our business with a deep desire to make an impact. Now is the perfect time to take that impact to the next level. 

Recruitment is not for the faint of heart. It is for the big-hearted! 

Build your dream with your team! 

Here's how! 

Masterclass (Two Hours) 

  • Live hosted class 



Terms and Conditions


Ask Me Anything!




  • $1800 includes content, step-by-step roadmap,  copywriting support, 1:1 coaching and more!

About your Instructor

Geraldine Ree is an experienced SVP, entrepreneur and author of the best-selling books, Flying Colors and 10X My Travel Business. 


Geraldine’s knowledge covers all aspects of the travel industry, including over two decades as a senior leader for Expedia Cruises and Princess Cruises. Her passion for helping Agency Owners achieve their goals is unmatched! 

She is exactly what you need to get the travel business you want!

She is passionate about purpose-driven service, diversity, and inclusion. She is Godmother to the Viking Eistla and is currently enrolled in the Thought Leaders Business School in Australia. 


Phone: +1 604 649 0272 

Address: 13761 22A Avenue, Surrey BC, V4A

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