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I'm Geraldine Ree

a performance strategist.

I help leaders achieve their goals in less time. 

The post-pandemic travel era is booming. It's like being shot out of a cannon and trying to do a swan dive. 

Let's explore how you can have it all, without losing your balance.


You don't have to know every step. Just find the next one. Then take it! 

As a high achiever, success comes to you by having strong attention to detail and an ability to accomplish the impossible.


Suddenly, often without realizing it, the demands on your time bury you in a workload that is not sustainable. 

You need a better way forward. 

It starts with leading yourself. Better boundaries, more time thinking, and less time being overworked.

My proven, step-by-step approach is designed to help leaders with even the most chaotic schedule, find a new and better path forward.

Today is the day things can change for you! 

If you want the best the world has to offer, then give the world your best.

Neale Donald Walsh

Programs by industry role

The travel industry will never be the same. Every role has been impacted by the changes. Successful leaders will find a better way forward. I help leaders in every sector of the travel industry transform from merely surviving to thriving. 


Agency Owners.JPG

Business is finally back and you're not complaining but you simply cannot do it all! 


  • Short staffed

  • Can't find good people

  • Financially tapped out

  • Advisors are not engaged

  • Wearing too many hats

  • Burning out


Supplier Strong.jpg

You need new ways to lead your  team through a chaotic recovery landscape. Business is booming and there's a worldwide shortage of people to help! 


  • Servicing instead of selling. 

  • Fighting fires instead of building future business

  • The pace is frantic and leaders are burning out.  


Agency Owners 2.JPG

You want to find a steady stream of high-value clients. The work never ends and you think there must be a better way! 


  • Not enough high end leads

  • Not enough time

  • Everything takes longer

  • Too much work for a single booking

  • Not organized

  • Need a system

I help high achievers get from where they are to where they dream of being! Is that you?

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Geraldine has the wisdom, experience and depth of insight to teach and motivate travel professionals to identify and attain their career goals, and she does so with humour and grace. If you are presented with an opportunity to join one of Geraldine's courses or webinars, don't hesitate!

Judith Coates,

Travel Agency Owner

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