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Lead with enthusiasm, empathy, and grit everyday.

I work with courageous leaders who believe that doing their best work matters.

Flying Colours Basecamp

The book is about building your dream travel business!

The Basecamp Webinar will reveal the framework for success, key insights, and so much more! 


 More leads, less work, more of what you love - making dreams come true!



SPACE: Limited! 


VALUE: $99 (priceless)

DATE: May 20

Register: HERE 

*Everyone welcome! This webinar is for Travel Advisors and all those who support them including Agency Owners, Host Agencies, Consortia, Suppliers and Travel Industry professionals. We will Comeback Together! 

What are you looking for?

A Professional Business Coach

Business Building and Coaching for Your Team 

Resources to Grow your Business 


- Luxury Shift: More and Better Customers

- The Service Fee Conversation that Clients Ask For

- Masterclass in BIG Goal Setting 

- How to Lead Your Comeback 

...Find it here! 

Do you love what you do, most days?

Does the work you love get buried by the struggle or grind of the day?

I help high achievers move from chaos to consistency, and from falling to flying in work and in life. I believe that you have everything you need to achieve remarkable things! 

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Introducing my new book! Flying Colors: The Travel Advisors Guide To Breakthrough … ON SALE NOW!!

"Travel and passion go together and Geraldine, the author of this book has spent her career bringing passion to life in this exciting industry. Flying Colors is a wonderful building block in ensuring you are at the forefront of travels' great comeback." 

                   - Andy Stuart,

                     Past President,

                     Norwegian Cruise Line

"I encourage you to read Flying Colors. The book provides the guidance, tools, and reassurance needed to create a more rewarding and satisfying travel career and personal life balance."

                       - Kristin Karst

                          Co-owner, AMA Waterways

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Show me the way!

If you're tired if being in between here, and where you want to go, let me help you make the leap!

I LOVE helping leaders thrive! 

Group Coaching

If you're looking for business-building insights, a roadmap to success, and to spend time with like-minded go-getters, this is the right path for you! 

Flying Colors Academy

Introducing a Business School for Travel Advisors! This six-month course is full to the brim with videos, exercises, worksheets, templates, and resources.  Everything you need to succeed, with Flying Colours of course!

Coming Soon!

Rise up! You've got this, and I've got you! 

"We never know how high we are until we are called to rise; and then, if we are true to plan, our statures touch the skies."

Emily Dickinson 

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