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Build a Better Travel Business

Isn't it time to break the vicious cycle?

A travel business never sleeps. As a Travel Agency Owner, you care about your customers, leaving little time to build your team.

We are all running shorthanded. 

The need for more and better travel Advisors has never been more vital, but finding the time to train new advisors is daunting. 

I help agency owners build better advisors faster. 

My proprietary coaching program helps you lead a team of superstar advisors and take the market by storm!

You deserve to lead a team that shines like you! 

Discover it for yourself! 


A former executive leader with Princess Cruises, Expedia Cruises and Travel Market Report. Geraldine is a two-time best-selling author and esteemed Godmother of Viking Eistla. She has over three decades of experience leading travel agency owners to build superstar teams. 

Get Clear in Your Travel Business

Find a Better Way

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Travel is booming, technology is faster and clients are more demanding than before.

You are running flat out. 


I know what it feels like to be overwhelmed and stuck. 

Build Your Business

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The solution is to build a superstar team. the challenge is where to find them, and how to find more time for your team.

We help you build better advisors faster so you can take the market by storm

Change your Life!


You need an experienced guide who can show you the way, save you time, and help you shine! 

Find a better way now, your future self will thank you!


Find a new way to lead and love your business. 

Simple ways to create bigger and better results.

More time and energy to get what you really want!


More and better customers!

 Position yourself as a the go to agency in your market and let the game come to you! 


Recruit and engage an entire team of superstars!


Stop the vicious cycle of running shorthanded. Build your team and change your life!


Earn more money doing what you love and make a bigger impact in the world!

Your business will be fun, fulfilling, AND financially rewarding!

Geraldine is so in tune with the travel industry of today.  She has great advice and can really help you put it to work to make your business grow.  If you are spinning your wheels trying to get a grip on your travel business, then you have to work with Geraldine Ree in some capacity!

Lisa Hulbert,

Travel Agency Owner

I have walked a mile in your shoes.

Are you tired of being tired?

A coach can help you see what you cannot see when they know what you are going through. 

The travel industry is complex, and to an outsider, it is easy to miss the hidden layers of the problem. You deserve expert guidance to find a better way just for you! 

The travel industry is all I do.

 I have coached thousands of travel agency owners and leaders for over three decades.

I've held roles from the front line to the CEO on both the supplier and retail sides. 

I am on a mission to uncover the real problems and help the travel industry find a better solution. 

Owners Leading Owners

I offer simple strategies for building better advisors faster.

If you need clarity on your next steps, let's talk.

It costs nothing, and it could change everything! 

Here is what Travel Agency Owners are saying: 


Lisa Hulbert,

Travel Agency Owner

Geraldine is so in tune with today's travel industry.  If you are spinning your wheels trying to get a grip on your travel business, then you have to work with Geraldine Ree in some capacity!

Judith Coates,

Travel Agency Owner

Geraldine has the wisdom, experience and depth of insight to teach and motivate travel professionals to identify and attain their career goals, and she does so with humour and grace. If you are allowed to join one of Geraldine's courses or webinars, don't hesitate!

Denise Luciani

Marlin Travel Brantford

Thank you to my amazing business coach for helping me achieve incredible success in building my team of TRAVEL entrepreneurs. Geraldine, your guidance, support, and expertise have been invaluable in reaching new heights and accomplishing my goals.


Where are you now? 

The moment you start thinking about change, change happens. You can no longer stay where you are.  Yet, without the right resources, you cannot move forward. 

We are excited to share our latest resource, the Business Building Success Scorecard. 

Take the quiz, get clarity and get ready to shine!

Answer a few key questions and unlock the path to your success. You will get a comprehensive special report on what it takes to thrive in today's challenging travel marketplace. Get ahead of the crowd and stand out!  

There are three compelling programs to choose from:

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