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Geraldine Ree

Business Coach and

Travel Industry Strategist

Achieving Dreams with Teams! 

I help leaders unlock the key to high-performing teams, one success at a time. 

Do you feel stuck between wanting to grow faster and not having the time, the team,  or the resources to make it happen?

Are you overwhelmed, frustrated, and not getting ahead? 

Let's explore how you can have it all without doing it all! 


You don't have to know every step. Just find the next one. Then take it! 

The moment you start thinking about change, change happens. You can no longer stay where you are.  Yet, without the right resources, you cannot move forward. 

Chart Your Course for Leading the A Team

Claim your free, personalized report by clicking here. Your path to success awaits – take the first step today to growing a thriving travel team. 

This scorecard is specifically designed for agency owners and leaders who desire to build capability in themselves and others. 

The time is now...

The travel industry will never be the same. Incredible things are coming if you take the steps in the right direction. The US Bureau of Labor and Statistics predicts a 20% increase in advisors.  Don't wait for things to be perfect.


Imperfect action will propel you in the right direction. 

Especially when an expert guide shows you the way.

Choose Your Plan

TMP workshop 1.jpg

Business is finally back and you're not complaining but you simply cannot do it all! 


Build Your Team

Supplier Strong.jpg

The key to a bigger, better, and bolder future is through your team. 

Building your dream team is the future! 


Change your Life!


You want to find a steady stream of high-value clients. The work never ends and you think there must be a better way! 


  • Short staffed

  • Can't find good people

  • Financially tapped out

  • Advisors are not engaged

  • Wearing too many hats

  • Burning out

  • Can't find anyone

  • Can't find anyone good

  • Can't recruit because I don't have time

  • Can't recruit because my training is not up to date

  • My current team need more of my time

  • Not enough high end leads

  • Not enough time

  • Everything takes longer

  • Too much work for a single booking

  • Not organized

  • Need a system

There are three compelling programs to choose from:

Upcoming Attractions


Geraldine is so in tune with the travel industry of today.  She has great advice and can really help you put it to work to make your business grow.  If you are spinning your wheels trying to get a grip on your travel business, then you have to work with Geraldine Ree in some capacity!

Lisa Hulbert,

Travel Agency Owner

Geraldine has the wisdom, experience and depth of insight to teach and motivate travel professionals to identify and attain their career goals, and she does so with humour and grace. If you are presented with an opportunity to join one of Geraldine's courses or webinars, don't hesitate!

Judith Coates,

Travel Agency Owner

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