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Lead from the bottom of your heart, up!  

I help travel entrepreneurs build the business they've always wanted, without losing their way. 

Your Coaching Corner 

I've worked in the travel industry for over three decades. I'm a business coach for travel entreprenuers!  

I'm obsessed with helping high achievers get what they really want, without losing their balance. 


Going after what you want is not easy. At times you need someone in your corner. A trusted advisor who cares as deeply about your goal as you do. 

I've walked a mile in your shoes. In fact, I've worn every shoe in the closet - from front line to CEO! I see the big picture to help you break through barriers. 


Do you need someone in your corner? 


Join me, let's do this journey back together! 

If you are a travel advisor looking to come back bigger, better, and bolder than before, you're in the right place. Whether you need a nudge or a lightening bolt, I've got you covered! 

"One might think: "What else could be new, fresh and useful & really make a difference in ones travel business?" Well, I found it! Geraldine Ree has taken her years of industry experience and created arguably one of the best programs out there!!"

-Claudia Alferi, Flying Colours Academy participant.

My Programs

Business Coaching

Who is it for? 

Travel agency owners and industry leaders. 

Why this? 

 Your business needs your undivided attention. You're tired of the uncertainty and the decision you make now is an important one. 

Why now? 

The ComeBack  is going to be steep. It requires everything you've got. 

You don't have to do it alone. 

If you're tired if being in between here, and where you want to go, let me help you make the leap!

Business Building

Who is it for? 

Independent Contractors 

Why this? 

This is your travel business. Helping ICs with the business of travel. 

Why now? 

 It's the ideal time to focus on the business-building skills of the future. 

It's time to move quickly and go deep. 

What will it achieve? 

Bigger goals and a higher level of attainment for your entire team. 

Why do we settle for 80/20? 


This program provides a step-by-step process for setting AND getting BIG goals in your travel business. 

Flying Colors Academy 

The Travel Advisors  Guide to Breakthrough 

Why this and why now?

90 Days to revitalize your travel business to prepare for the comeback. 


What is it? 

This 12-week group program is a systemized approach to shifting your travel business from where you were, to where you've always dreamed it could be! 

It is by invitation only to enhance the peer learning experience. 

Start now! 

Ask me how. 

Travel Industry Resources

"Travel and passion go together and Geraldine, the author of this book has spent her career bringing passion to life in this exciting industry. Flying Colors is a wonderful building block in ensuring you are at the forefront of travels' great comeback." 

                   - Andy Stuart,

                     Past President,

                     Norwegian Cruise Line

"I encourage you to read Flying Colors. The book provides the guidance, tools, and reassurance needed to create a more rewarding and satisfying travel career and personal life balance."

                       - Kristin Karst

                          Co-owner, AMA Waterways

Selling, Not Selling! 

Are you reluctant to reach out and call people? You are not alone. No one wants to be perceived as pushy, intrusive, or interrupting a person's day.


Yet, the most important step, and deciding factor on whether someone books with you, is by how much you care. 


For helpful tips on the best ways to connect with customers, join our Shift Room Newsletter and get this FREE white paper on "Selling, Not Selling."

15 Sensational Ways to connect with Customers without using the "S" word.  

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Do you love what you do, most days?

Does the work you love get buried by the grind of the day?

I help high achievers move from chaos to consistency, and bring their dreams to life.

I believe that you have everything you need to achieve remarkable things! 

Let me show you how! 


Join me on the journey...

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"We never know how high we are until we are called to rise; and then, if we are true to plan, our statures touch the skies."

Emily Dickinson 

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