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Habit Hacks To Build Your Travel Business

Goals need healthy habits like a plant needs water. Habits are the gateway to skills, and we need skills to increase our success. It makes perfect sense. For example,

  • If you want more customers, make a habit of making calls.

  • If you want to reach more customers, make a habit of writing every day.

  • If you want to increase your referrals, ask everyone who believes in you if they know anyone who might buy from you.

The difference between a habit and an idea is consistency. Three years ago, I read Atomic Habits, and like millions of other readers, I shot out of the habit rocket!

James Clear raises so many gems, such as:

Another enormously helpful book comes from BJ Fogg.

Here is my number one habit hack that has dramatically improved my success in achieving what I really want in my business. To give context, every business has three key activities: Grow, Develop, and Service. Like many of you, to grow my business, I need to do the critical “growth” activities. This means networking, growing my list, reaching out, making calls, and trying to secure meetings. The truth is I tend to procrastinate my growth habits. Instead, I do things that develop my business, such as creating content, writing a newsletter, meeting with my mentor, or hanging out with my industry friends and peers. (Where we spend a lot of time talking about how we can do more growth activities!) To overcome the tendency to avoid sales, I set mini-rewards for myself. Whenever I do some of the growth work I usually put off, I reward myself with something I love to do to develop my business. For example, I made ten calls before I started this newsletter. The irony is that I had the best time! I had so many rich conversations that fueled my enthusiasm for the work I love! The bonus was one sale and two more meetings. For you, it may be different. You may love calling, but you put off creating content or getting on top of the things that you know your business needs. The hack is to organize everything that needs to get done in your business and do things you resist first! Reward yourself with what you love most about being in business for yourself! Enjoy the journey!

PS If you want fresh ideas to spark inspiration or a complete transformation, I have two books to help you grow!

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If you want to make tiny habits or BIG changes in 2024, look at my Habits Checklist. Let me know if you find something you like or if a habit needs to be added! I love building up this list with all the ways we can get better - together! Let's do this!!!

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