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Leaders Expect Everyone To Score

Updated: Nov 23, 2022

Leaders Expect Everyone to Score

I've spent thousands of hours at the rink watching my son play hockey. What I've noticed about the teams that make it to the playoffs is that the top teams have the shortest line between the top scorer and the bottom.

Yet so many coaches play their top players until they are gasping for air. They leave their less skilled players to get cold on the bench. If they do get minutes on the ice the players are so nervous, feeling the pressure of the opportunity, it's impossible to contribute to the game. In travel, we expect the same superstars, the same top accounts, and the same top producers to win the game for us. It's the 80/20 rule.

Pareto's Principle: Eighty percent of sales come from 20% of salespeople.

The consequence of that strategy is that it leaves us shorthanded. Not only did we lose some of our best players during the pandemic, but business is also coming in at such an alarming rate, the top scorers are out of breath. They just don't have the bandwidth to handle the demand.

The mistake leaders make when their best players are out of gas, is to step on the ice and play.

They take the booking, solve the problem, or they put out the fire. In the interest of helping the team win, or coming to the rescue, they miss the opportunity to lead instead. To achieve high performance, help every team member to be a superstar, not just a select few.

Instead of the 80/20 rule, think 80/80.

The purpose of the game is to get every player to achieve their goals. If 80% of your team hit their target, you'll have no difficulty achieving yours. Here are a few points to ponder.

  • Do you know each team member's life goals? What do they want - really?

  • Do they know how to score in a post-pandemic travel industry?

  • Do they know the leading practices for scoring since things have shifted?

  • What skills are they missing to score?

  • Do they need a time-out to refresh?

  • Do you play instead of a coach?

As a leader, there will always be individuals that you can't reach because they didn't show up to play. That's ok. You cannot be all things to all people. Yet I firmly believe everyone has the potential to be a superstar. No one wakes up saying I'd like to be in the 80% who don't score. The best leaders give everyone the chance to play the game. You have to put them on the ice and pass them the puck.

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