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The Ideal Travel Client Worksheet

Attract, Service, and Retain Customers You Love

The Ideal Travel Client Worksheet is designed to help you gain insightful tips into the hearts and minds of your target customer. Learn about important questions to ask yourself to determine who your perfect customer is and how to engage them.


Ideal Travel Customer Worksheet

  • A downloadable and printable six-page workbook designed to help you identify who your target audience is so your marketing is more impactful

  • Using this tool to unlock insights into a single ideal client is like marketing breadcrumbs to find more just like them! 

  • Attract more high-end clients in less time so you can run a fun, fulfilling, and financially rewarding travel business! 

  • This worksheet is one of many tools available through our Flying Colours Academy Course!

Download the free PDF and get started attracting, servicing, and retaining customers you love

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