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5 Rules For Becoming 10X Together

Updated: Oct 31, 2022

The Five Rules of Becoming 10X Together

Recently, I wrote a book called 10X My Travel Business. It's not about working harder. It's to help advisors and leaders find their way to a better way of doing things. Better always comes before bigger. When you become a better leader, incredible things are just around the corner.

Chapter 9: 10X Together

1. Better Skills

Better leadership skills are the gateway to high performance. In the same way that an advisor is powerless without product knowledge and sales skills, a leader is lost without one-on-one communication skills, energy management, strategic planning, and decision making.

While continuous learning may seem obvious, leaders become overwhelmed and ignore warning signs that they don't have the skills they need to rise above the fires all around them. On-the-job training isn't enough, no matter how long you've been doing it. In fact, the longer you've led, the less you know because you have much bigger blind spots.

Tip: Invest at least part of every single day learning how to improve your ability to lead and conduct crucial conversations.

2. Better Connections

You are the company you keep. When you stay within the circle you already know, you limit your ability to grow. Everything you need is slightly outside your comfort zone, especially when it comes to networking.

Tip: Seek out leaders you admire. Find people who already have a thriving and engaged team, and follow their path.

3. Better Alignment with Advisors

When I ask most leaders why they entered the travel industry, the answer involves their passion. Passion for travel, passion for what they sell, passion for the industry.

When I ask why they stay, the answer is no surprise. “I stay because of my team”. You stay because of the people who have been loyal to you and seek your leadership. Setting a goal for better alignment with advisors is about setting the bar by demonstrating the behaviour you seek.

For example,

  • Enthusiasm - If you want an enthusiastic team, be enthusiastic.

  • Trust: If you want a trusting team, be trustworthy.

  • Dedication: If you want a dedicated team, be dedicated to your team first.

Better Pay

For a long time, the industry has almost apologized for the lower levels of pay. The joy of the job, the perks, and the passion seemed to be an excuse for not talking about the money. A wise person told me, “If you want to make more money, you need to talk about the money”.

We love to talk about making dreams come true, creating memories, and seeing the world - and those are all important. We need to be equally enthusiastic about expressing our value.

We plan for you, research for you, fight for you, learn for you, and take a bullet for you. We are indispensable.

"We are the happiest payment you'll make

on your entire vacation."

Tip: You need a fun, fulfilling, and financially rewarding business. Two out of three is not enough.

Better Balance

10X my team is about growing ten times better in half the time. The balance you seek is at the crossroads of time and energy.

Think of your day as a container. The container is the constraint for both time and energy. Unlike time, which marches on at the exact same rate every day, energy rises and falls depending on how we exert it.

The key is to find ways to manage, grow, and change your energy to meet the demands of leadership. Having a crucial conversation with a difficult team member when you have other things on your mind can undermine all of your best intentions.

Tip: High performance depends on doing the right things at the right times, based on your energy.

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If you want to go fast go alone. If you want to go far, go together.

- African Proverb.

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