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A 10-week group coaching program for travel agency owners to find and engage new advisors. It's time to have enough advisors to capitalize on the surge in travel, and finally put an end to burnout.

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Geraldine Ree


The 10-Week
Recruitment Accelerator

for Attracting Superstar Advisors

A career-defining question for travel agency owners who are too busy and burning themselves out:

What’s the ONLY difference between travel agency owners who achieve remarkable growth and those who are running as fast as they can, teetering on the edge of burnout? 

If you’ve guessed waiting until “things slow down” to fix your overwhelm,

nice try, but guess again.

If you’ve guessed if only you could just better manage your time,

You’d be doing better for a while, but it's still incorrect.


And if you’ve guessed, you need to find that unicorn experienced advisor who will bring in their own clientele and help you with yours…


You’d still be wrong.


Because while all of these things are good…


They’re only part of the equation.

Have you ever realized that despite all your hard work, things aren't as seamless as they should be? 

You've been flying by the seat of your pants, thinking everything gets done. 


But does it really?


Your work follows you home, cluttering your thoughts 24/7.


You shuffle through Princess Cruises brochures to find the coffee cup holder in your SUV, sighing as you face a big group about to leave and your top agents going on vacation.

Despite stepping in to save the day, you feel like you’re letting your clients down, your team members down, and even your own family.

So: “You’re flying by the seat of your pants, but somehow it all gets done.”


Even if that was true, is that how you want to keep running your business?


I don’t believe you want that. 

I don’t want that for you,​​ either.

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You deserve better. 

You deserve to stop feeling tired of being tired.

Finally, you find the proven path to working “on” your business, not “in” it

Imagine you have a business coach who knows the exact recipe to get you out of this downward cycle. Not only that but she’s also helped hundreds of travel agency owners follow a proven plan to grow their agency from 3.5 million to 10 million, 20 million, 30 million, and beyond. Because at this point in your career, you’ve earned the chance to work less and achieve more. You’ve earned the right to turn the day off and spend undivided quality time with your loved ones…all without mentally going through your never-ending to-do list. Working late at night to catch up should be replaced with clink-worthy conversations, celebrating the predictable and abundant growth that your team generates every single day. Your adult children and grandchildren can’t wait to meet you on the long-awaited Disney Cruise, where your grandkids tug on your “Happiest Grandparent Ever” shirt and pull you to yet the third ice cream cart that day. Traveling feels better because your team takes care of everything at home. Wondering if we should not go into grandkids because they are empty nesters to grandparents (50 to 65). Your partner meets you on your balcony as you look out at the whales on your the long awaited expedition cruise to the Antarctic. You raise a glass to your first real vacation with out the kids, the work, and the stress.

“I’m too busy” will no longer be the most frequent words to sigh from your lips.


You’ll finally be free to let go of control. And perfectionism. 


And make this the best decision of your life ever.

Everything, Everywhere, All at Once
is a great movie but a challenging way to run your business.

3 Reasons

Why You Are Running Fast, Losing Ground, and Never Finding Time to Recruit New Advisors

Reason #1

“Recruiting a bigger team may push me out of my comfort zone. I have so many plates spinning. Something’s bound to drop if I try something new.” 

Guess what? You're already a natural influencer. With loyal team members and trusting customers, tapping into that influence to recruit is well within your comfort zone. It's not about leaving your comfort zone but expanding it. 

“Recruiting is too time-consuming.”

The truth is recruiting is far less time-consuming when it’s a strategy, not an event. When you have a systemic approach to consistently adding new advisors, recruiting becomes an efficient use of your time. Suddenly, instead of chasing after mediocre candidates, top-notch travel advisors start seeking you out.

“I don’t have time to train new advisors.”

The reality is working with a small team with not enough support keeps you trapped in the never-ending cycle of long hours, low profits, and endless stress. You'll never have the time or energy to recruit high quality advisors or take your business to the next level – because you’re already too busy. 

Reason #2

Reason #3

You need an infusion of new talent, energy, and inspiration

If you’ve made it this far, then you ALREADY know that recruiting superstar advisors – and recruiting them faster – is critical to the success of your travel agency.


With the right mindset and strategies, you can break free from the daily grind and start building a business that supports your life goals. You can attract ideal advisors, streamline your operations, and scale your impact. All it takes is a willingness to think bigger and take bold action.


It's time to shift out of survival mode and into thriving mode. 


Because when you switch from focusing on running flat out to recruiting better advisors faster, you’ll finally…


  • Feel the instant relief that help is on the way

  • Free up your mental space to focus on bigger-picture strategies 

  • Grow your agency with talented advisors you can trust

  • Boost the morale of the entire team

  • Afford to reserve 10 weeks out of the year for traveling

  • Attract better clients 

  • Achieve higher profits


This constant pressure of feeling stuck doesn’t have to gnaw at you anymore. It’s time to get expert guidance and watch your travel agency soar to new heights.

Meet your personal cheerleader and
no-excuse business coach

I'm Geraldine Ree.

What’s unique about me is that I’ve held every seat at the table. No matter what role you have in the travel industry, I’ve already walked a mile in your shoes, and I’ve worn out every shoe in the closet!

My knowledge covers all aspects of the travel industry:

  • Over two decades as a senior leader for Expedia Cruises and Princess Cruises

  • Bestselling author of two books: Flying Colors and 10X My Travel Business

  • Godmother of the Viking Eistla

When I’m not riding my mountain bike through the luscious forests and beaches here in White Rock, BC, relishing my Nana days with three grandchildren, or enjoying long walks with my husband, Cam, and our faithful four-legged companion, Blueberry – I’m writing my next book Atlas of a Travel Business, coaching travel agency owners to build better advisors faster, or solo dancing to Feel It Still to kick off my keynote presentation at TMR.


Faith and grit summarize my belief system. My drive comes from a deep sense of purpose: to use every God-given gift we have to serve others. 

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Vicki Freed
SVP of Sales, Royal Carribean

Knowing Geraldine for over 20 years, I can say without hesitation what a champion she is for the Travel community. Her passion and enthusiasm not only inspire those she knows, they have a true impact on our industry.


One of the many things I love about Geraldine is her appreciation for training and education to enhance the value travel advisors bring to their clients.

Travel is BOOMING like  never before,
so why are you still struggling? 

I’ve invested the last 3 years working in the trenches with your fellow travel agency owners who all share these same struggles:


  • So swamped they can’t even think about training new advisors

  • Torn between taking care of clients and taking care of their team

  • Think their business has already hit their ceiling

  • Feel like they don’t belong at the top

  • Yet, they’re also tired of playing it small


The good news is it doesn’t have to be this way anymore. 


Travel is BOOMING like it has never before, yet there is a lingering indication it may not last. Certainly we are going to need to be more proactive to sustain the growth. 


The U.S. Bureau of Labor and Statistics estimates that we’ll need 68,000 new travel advisors in the next decade. 


The complexity of travel requirements is on the rise. The news is out that travelers need advisors more than ever.


And travel advisors need seasoned experts like YOU more than ever.


The 10-Week Recruitment Accelerator

for Attracting Superstar Advisors

Here's everything you need to know about what's in the program:

Weeks 1-2: The Roadmap to Your Superstar Advisors

Completing the Recruitment Checklist

“All progress starts with telling the truth.” Dan Sullivan. Before we start we need to know what we already have, and what we need to focus on in order to complete the journey to a successful recruiting strategy.

Every good roadmap starts with a GOAL and A PLAN. We begin with the end in mind, establishing goals and best practices and revealing your complete recruitment checklist!

Who is your Ideal Advisor?

Getting clear on what a winning team looks like for you is the essential starting point for this course. At this point, we’re simply taking stock of what becoming a Superstar Advisor really means to you.

This puts your intention into a specific success metric for doing the work that will result in changing your business for the better!

Establishing Specific Goals


Weeks 3-4: How to Find the Superstar Advisors

Advisor on phone.png

The biggest roadblock to recruiting superstars is where to find them. The fact is, when you do the right work, they will find you. Advisor prospects have one thing in common. They are passionate travelers. Beyond that, there are several consistent traits that superstar advisors have in common. This week we reveal the secret to success! 

Positioning to help advisors find you

Pinpoint the perfect advisor candidates with precision. You’ll learn how to clearly define the traits and qualities you’re looking for, ensuring that you target only the most suitable professionals for your team.

Getting it out of your head and into copy

You’ll learn how to optimize your online presence with the write message, ensuring that the best advisors find you with ease.

Creating an outline for your website

Your website is like a community center bulletin board. You need it to be positioned like a beacon so that it works while you sleep. Discover what most agency owners get wrong, and you will finally get it right!

Weeks 5-6: The First 90 Days!

Onboarding your Superstar Advisor

If the idea of recruiting gets stuck because you don’t have time to train, this module is for you. If you want to ensure a good fit, quick wins, and early sales, this is where to begin.

Mapping out Checkpoints Make it Clear

We will map out the first 12 week checkpoints for your new advisors. Based on my best selling book, and proven success strategy, you will receive a step by step plan for how to onboard your superstars.

Deals are won and lost in the detail. Learn a simple, step by step process for moving from high interest to their first training session.

Weeks 7-8: Closing the Sale!

Expecting to Sell

Closing a high quality candidate is exhilarating! It can also be frustrating to lose one. In this session we dig deep into preparing for the moment of truth - making an offer!

Preparing for the Interview

The most successful advisors know precisely what is expected the day they start. We will craft questions that set them up for success!

Interviewing That Onboard

Your candidate is on a buying journey. We will put breadcrumbs on their research mission. When they arrive they are ready to buy!

Closing the Sale

Superstar advisor_edited_edited.jpg

Weeks 9-10: Marketing Your Opportunity

The Marketing Matrix

Attracting superstar advisors requires a steady stream of communication that builds over time. Building a matrix helps you keep in touch and builds excitement over time.

Social Media Posts that Work

We all know how to attract travelers. Now we need to attract the small percentage of travelers that are looking for a career in travel - with you!

Discovery Events

Educating prospects is an essential element in the buying decision. In this session we will sare the critical elements of creating a Discover Event that converts!

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The 10-Week Recruitment Accelerator

for Attracting Superstar Advisors

July 18th to September 12th, 2024

10 weeks of comprehensive training

Bi-weekly 90-minute workshops

Live, facilitated online classes with plenty of time for one-on-one coaching, ask me anything sessions, and feedback

VIP Access to our exclusive Learning Management Portal with high impact additional resources, weekly emails, communication, peer learning and support

Resources, tools, and tips galore specifically designed for high-impact recruitment

FREE LANDING PAGE and Wireframe (value over $1500)

A Mentor Guide with a proven system for recruiting and onboarding high-performing advisors

1-on-1 Coaching with Geraldine Ree

5 Modules released every two weeks including videos, workbooks, and new course material. 

Video recordings of each session

Total Value: over $6,000

Price:  $2,900 CAD (USD $2,200)

Payment plan available upon request (email me here).

The “90-Day Recruiting Superstar Advisors Accelerator” Guarantee

Wix 13_edited.jpg

The promise is SIMPLE.


Follow the program step-by-step, and DO NOT HESITATE to reach out when you need some extra hand-holding. I’ll be there for you.


Even after you launch your recruitment website and implement the steps I coach you on, if you still don’t attract super advisors within 60 days after the program ends, giving you the time, confidence, and momentum to scale, I’ll insist that you email me for an immediate refund.

Why am I so confident doing this?

I’ve personally witnessed the the joyful transformation of other travel agency owners just like you, from "over it" to overjoyed! 

The expert recruitment recipe you’ll be implementing has served as the backbone of finding talent and ensuring early sales success for some of the most successful Agency Owners in the travel industry. 

Every step of your roadmaps is included... you just need to follow the proven steps! 

With this bright light of focus you will finally be able to grow the team you have always wanted! 

Questions your fellow travel agency owners ask before saying “yes” to Attracting Superstar Advisors

“I want to do this, but I’m afraid I’m too busy already.”

I hear you. I completely understand. I know what it feels like to be burning both ends of the candle, waiting for a break. Nobody wants to work any harder! Skipping breakfast, rushing to the office, and feeling like adding “one more thing” to my full plate will finally be the last straw. But here’s the good news: This Accelerator is designed to fit into your busy schedule. The bi-weekly 90-minute workshop calls will be recorded for you, so you won’t have to worry about missing if you are traveling or unable to attend. It's not about adding more to your plate but about optimizing your recruitment process to save you time in the long run. If you’re too busy, then this Accelerator is exactly what you need.

“Can’t I just get coaching from my Consortia or Host?”

They can certainly offer valuable help. However what I know (based on my lived experience running one for 11 years) HQs and Hosts have a great deal on their already busy plate supporting you in other ways. Recruitment is a specialty, unlike any other growth strategy in your business. I've spent the past two years dedicated to learning the ins and outs of what makes it work.

“Will this really work? I want to attract experienced advisors only. But I cannot seem to find any. I worry that new advisors will take too long to get up to speed.”

You’re not alone. During the pandemic we lost over 25,000 advisors. The good ones who stayed are being lavishly rewarded by owners like you who are cannot afford to lose anyone, especially their superstars! The switching costs are high and most would rather stay, especially if it meant disrupting their clients in anyway. Not only that, but maybe you’ve brought on new (or experienced) advisors who turned out to be a huge disappointment, wasted your time, and caused more problems for you and your customers. The 10-Week Accelerator for Attracting Superstar Advisors differs from anything else you’ve tried because you’ll get personalized mentorship and support from me. I’ll make sure you attract the ideal advisor. I’ve been in the travel industry for over 30 years and have worn every shoe imaginable, so I’ll help you figure out what’s going to reduce your stress, not add to it.

“Okay, that sounds great. Can you remind me of what I’m getting if I join?”  

The 10-Week Recruitment Accelerator

for Attracting Superstar Advisors

July 18th to September 12th, 2024

10 weeks of comprehensive training

Bi-weekly 90-minute workshops

Live, facilitated online classes with plenty of time for one-on-one coaching, ask me anything sessions, and feedback

VIP Access to our exclusive Learning Management Portal with high impact additional resources, weekly emails, communication, peer learning and support

Resources, tools, and tips galore specifically designed for high-impact recruitment

FREE LANDING PAGE and Wireframe (value over $1500)

A Mentor Guide with a proven system for recruiting and onboarding high-performing advisors

1-on-1 Coaching with Geraldine Ree

5 Modules released every two weeks including videos, workbooks, and new course material. 

Video recordings of each session

Total Value: $6,000

Price:  $2,900 CAD (USD $2,200)

Payment plan available upon request (email me here).

Still undecided?
Truthfully, this Accelerator is not for everyone.

See if you check any of these boxes:

You’re the owner of an extraordinary travel agency, eager to find a long-term solution to streamline your recruitment process and build a high-performing team.

You know you want (and need!) personalized coaching, mentorship, and support from an experienced industry leader with three decades of knowledge and experience tailored to the unique needs of boutique travel agencies.

You’re known for your dedication and willingness to work hard, and you're ready to invest the time, effort, and resources required to implement new strategies and processes for sustainable growth.

You’re already actively trying to recruit better advisors (or, at least, trying your best to): You're already investing significant time and effort into actively trying to grow your team and improve your recruitment process, demonstrating your commitment to success.

You’ve had at least two fires to put out this month where you’ve had to solve a major crisis or get on the phone yourself to solve a problem that pulled you away from being the confident, calm, visionary owner or leader you WANT to be.

You literally don’t have time. Not in a “yeah, I’m just so busy” way but more in a real way, “I’ve had to order take-out and eat lunch at the computer every day this week” way.


Paradoxically, that’s why you should join my program. As your company’s most vital asset, you shouldn’t be spending your precious time and talent on putting out fires. Unless things change, you’re setting your company (and yourself) up for burnout.

You dream of traveling 10 weeks out of the year. Imagine the relief when you bring on new (and highly qualified) advisors, engage with your team more than ever, and delegate to a management team who’ll take care of fires for you (and who you’ll be fully confident in to do so).

This is the fastest path to turning your business around, so you can be free to book your own dream travel adventures again.


This isn’t just a possibility. I’ve seen it become a reality for other travel agency owners I’ve coached who were in your shoes, right where you’re standing.

And finally,

You’re enthusiastic about the fact that 10 weeks from now, you WILL have a proven system set up to Attract Superstar Advisors. Some of you may even get your first (and second) Superstar Advisor before the program ends, setting the stage for long-term success.

If you’ve checked off at least 6 of the 9 items above, you owe it to yourself, your team members and your clients to join The 10-Week Accelerator for Attracting Superstar Advisors.

Janice Lonnqvist
Travel Agency Owner

Working this last year with coach Geraldine has been the most informative, eye-opening, and soul-searching time in my business yet!
She has helped me learn to become a better business person, and team leader. She just knows how to bring out the best in me.


Geraldine is the person you would want to work with if you would like to make a change in your business and yourself!

Susan Walker
Travel Agency Owner

Geraldine is just what you need in a coach. She is a cheerleader when you need her to be, a no-excuse coach when you start telling your story that doesn't help you drive your business. She is agenda-driven but always open to working on something that may have come up between sessions. She works on your strengths and weaknesses and can see in you what maybe you can't see.

It’s now or never.
Spots are limited to 12 per cohort maximum. 

By now, you already know the ONLY difference between boutique travel agency owners who achieve remarkable growth (jumping from 5 million to 15+ million) and those who are stuck playing small, always teetering on the edge of burnout…


Attracting and building better advisors.


So if you’re still here, let’s wrap up with why you should sign up now:


  • If you’re a travel agency owner who wants to build better advisors...