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Building Your Dream Team

Myth: “All the good ones are gone.”My brother would lament to me, or a girlfriend would sigh, frustrated with the harsh world of dating!

Similarly, when it comes to recruiting new advisors, it’s easy to find excuses for why we find it hard.

While it is true that sadly the industry lost many experienced advisors during the pandemic, there is an emerging and undeniable new trend.

Truth: People are joining the industry in droves!

There has never been a better time to bring new people into our industry. This is your chance to become part of the big shift!

According to US Labour and Statistics, they predict a 27% increase in advisors.

The next time you feel like you can’t find anyone “good”, ask yourself, good at what?

Here is what “good” looks like when it comes to finding top talent:

  • Shares their passion for travel with others

  • Finds meaning in helping others

  • Service excellence in their DNA

  • A great attitude – sees the bright side, doesn’t dwell on the negative

  • A level of business savvy

  • Pride of a job well done

Truth: When you look for character over skill, the world is FULL of high-potential advisors.

Myth: “I can’t recruit because I don’t have time to train.”

When you break down the process from the time an agreement is signed, to the initial orientation, until the time they are selling up a storm, there are hours of work involved.

The question is, who is doing “the work”?

The impasse we create in our minds is that we take full responsibility for the recruits’ accumulation of knowledge.

We think, “I need more people, but if they make a mistake, it could be costly!”

True ...and not true.

Mistakes CAN be costly, yet the chances of mistakes are minimal when we mitigate the risks.

For example, give a recruit free reign to acquire knowledge and skills. Insert yourself in the higher-risk areas such as early sales, making payments, and reviewing policies.

Truth: The most important way to overcome the roadblock of not having time to train is to shift your thinking.

  • They don’t need a trainer; they need a coach who provides learning milestones.

  • They don’t need you to teach them everything; they need to know where to find the information.

  • They don’t need to make early sales alone. They need a mentor in high-risk areas.

  • They don’t need to be micromanaged; they need to be nurtured, encouraged and held accountable to their own goals.

Enjoy the journey!

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Ahoy Travel Agency Owners and Host Agency Leaders:

It is so exciting to see the industry thriving. How about you? Are you thriving or merely surviving?

Have you ever found yourself thinking:

  • There are not enough hours in the day

  • I am losing out on travel sales because of the high AND low demand

  • I don't have enough advisors

  • The advisors I have are not proactive enough

  • I cannot find good people

  • I am too busy to train

  • I am ready for a BIG payoff from the long hours of hard work for the past three years!

Join me as I share my best tips on how to attract and engage a high-performing team.

I am on a mission to help our industry come back bigger, better and bolder. My passion is for helping travel agency owners and leaders make their mark on our industry!

I believe that as leaders, our biggest contribution is in sharing insights to help our teams grow.

Join me for this exciting Masterclass on Engaging High-Performance with new and existing advisors!


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