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Clarity or confusion, the choice is yours

Clarity or confusion, the choice is yours.

Everyday we start climbing. We head out on that mountain we call our Travel Business. Sometimes we nourish ourselves well for the climb.

We prepare, we plan, and we execute.

We celebrate a day well done! We are flying high!  

Other days we fly by the seat of our pants, wondering where the time went. Friction, roadblocks and procrastination, all roll into a nagging sense of defeat.

We fought the day and the day won.

Day after day it is a rollercoaster. It is so frustrating!

Why is it the climb SO hard?

In a word. Confusion.

The interesting part of confusion is that it is actually a choice.

We choose to confusion over clarity when:

  • We see signs that someone on our team is struggling but we don’t slow down to really help.

  • We say yes out of obligation or FOMO

  • We cancel meetings with ourselves to work “on the business”, instead of “in the business”.

  • When we don’t have answers but we push through without asking for help.

  • We keep taking on work of lesser value, because we have no one to delegate to.


Confusion is always faster in the moment, but will cost you over time.

The most confused you will ever be is when you try to believe in something your heart says is a lie.

Shannon Adler

The other day I was working with a business owner who thrives in the luxury market. He was drowning in luxury leads. A nice problem to have – until it is not. He knew that for every lead he got to, he was losing at least ten more that he wasn’t able to get back to, nurture, or proactively develop.

He has a very small team, so with no one to pass leads to (at least that was his story) so he closes them himself. When we probed deeper, it wasn’t about delegation, it was about control.

“I like to be in control. I know if I do it, it will get done right.”

Once we got clarity on the underlying roadblock, we were able to move forward.

We developed a detailed plan to help him build his team of luxury advisors, one step at a time so that he can proactively engage every luxury lead that comes their way!

Time is our most precious resource. Yet when we think we are taking the faster route, it costs us time in the long run.

  • Ignoring signs of that an advisor is struggling, leads to a resignation that you cannot afford.

  • We don’t make “thinking time” a priority and we end up on the wrong side of an issue.

  • Instead of asking for help, we do our best and collapse under the weight of doing things that are beyond our skill set.

I love this quote from Stanford University professor Donald Knuth. The first time I heard it, it stopped me in my tracks.

Knuth advised the university that he was no longer going to be on email.

Can you imagine saying no to email?

His reason?

“Email is for people who need to stay on top of things.

My role is to be at the bottom of them.”

He went on to explain that what I do takes hours of uninterrupted time.

As a business owner, working on your business is important AND it takes time.

What do you need to get to the bottom of?

Stop looking for ways to save time doing the important work. The faster route never pays off when it comes to doing what truly matters.

Instead seek clarity over confusion in the slow lane. Let the fast cars and shiny objects fly by you so that you can get to the bottom of your most important work.


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