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Getting Rust Off The Blades

Updated: Mar 24, 2021

Every skater has a ritual. Before they step on the ice, they take a clean dry cloth to wipe off the rust that has collected on the blade. If they do not take the time to do it, the rust that cumulates can be dangerous. Even with an earnest wipe, steel exposed to water is so susceptible, rust forms in tiny particles along the blade that cannot be seen by the naked eye. Each of us has rust on our blades. We have not been doing the work we are used to doing. We are off balance and a little out of practice. Even now as work starts to come in it can feel awkward and time-consuming trying to get back in the flow. We need to clean off our blades. We need to remove the tiny particles of doubt that creep in. They can be so slight we barely notice them, yet they are getting in the way. Here are a few suggestions to consider as you prepare to put your A-game on the ice. Set Your Day Up in Three Zones – Doing, Delivering, Diving In We are hardwired for distraction. According to Fuze Software, the average person checks their phone 150 times a day. Research by Phycologist Gerald Weinberg reveals that we lose as much as 80% of our productivity every time we switch tasks. Now is the time to consider your approach to the business to improve your productivity.

  • DOING: Dedicate the first 90 minutes to get things done. Clear your desk, your mind, and your calendar to focus on how you will “win the day.” What are the top 5 things that would make the day fantastic?

  • DELIVERING: In the second 90-minute zone of the day, tackle the one thing that will make you financially successful – delivering the sale. This includes everything from selling to servicing your clients. For example, calling clients, booking travel, and researching options, can all be directly related to making money. Even if your clients are not ready to book, expanding your reach into your database will make this action financially rewarding in the very near future.

  • DIVING IN: In the third 90-minute zone of the day, grow. Grow yourself or grow your business. The skills and habits you need to get to the next level in your business need time invested into them.

    • Learning, reading, connecting with partners, and expanding your network are all-important opportunities for personal growth.

    • Creating your social posts, attending a community networking event, or sending a newsletter will grow your business.

The approach to your business is as important as the business itself. Consider planning each of these sessions to match the energy you need to complete them.

  • Doing – high octane brain energy

  • Delivering – interpersonal energy

  • Diving in – cerebral and contemplative energy

These three zones take up about 50% of your day. Scheduling your work according to what will grow your business is the first step to getting the rust off! It leaves plenty of time to move with whatever comes your way. May it be plentiful and productive! Geraldine PS If you enjoyed this article, please share it with someone who may find it helpful. More to come in my new book April 1st, 2021 Flying Colors: The Travel Advisors Guide to Breakthrough

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