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The Power of Presence: Getting Everything You Want in 2024

The Power of Presence: Getting Everything You Want in 2024

Dream Big! Set Goals! Take Action!

Your heart and head say yes! Yes! Yes!

Your feet walk the other way.

Have you ever wondered why you don't achieve goals?

Goal setting is complicated. Achieving what you want is one of the most complex processes in human development.

First, we call it goal setting when we actually mean: goal defining, goal choosing, goal setting, goal blocking, goal working, goal measuring, and finally, goal getting.

We all know that goal setting is wildly insufficient to cover the topic. Yet, setting the goal is where we start. Perhaps this is why most New Year's resolutions fail.

Before we set goals, we need to be fully present and reflect on the entire process of what it takes to achieve what we want.

This requires your head, heart, and feet to work together.


  • How big, how fast, how much, how lovely, and how exciting do you want your goal to be?


  • Your heart gives you all the "feels" when you anticipate how your life will change when you achieve your goal.

  • Consider how time, status, money, recognition, growth, and sense of belonging impact your ability to achieve your goal. Our emotions around these key motivators either light us up or hold us back.

  • What is getting in your way?


  • Your feet keep you firmly planted in conviction, facing fears and doing it anyway.

  • We procrastinate when we can't think we don't know how.

You don't need to know every step; you need to know the next one and take it!

An old Chinese proverb is, “Be where your feet are.” It reminds us to be fully present.

Points to Ponder:

  • Are your feet where you need to be?

  • What are you most proud of achieving this year? Why did it matter? What will you do next to build on the momentum?

  • What is your big word?

  • Who can help?

2024 is around the corner. For now, take time to take stock of what made 2023 extraordinary. Celebrate all that is you and everyone who helped make that possible!

Enjoy the journey!

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