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When You Are Flying Share It Forward

Updated: Apr 8, 2021

How do you know if you are flying?

When you consider how far you have come, even the smallest win can feel like you are taking flight.

The past year has been a masterclass in perspective. In the past, we took flying and big wins for granted. After all, we are in a high-growth industry and when coming into 2020 most agencies anticipated their best year ever.

The pandemic hit and it has been a yearlong roller coaster bouncing from bad to worse.

At last, we have turned a corner.

When You Are Flying

Flying is the greatest feeling in the world. Flying is also contagious. When I see other people succeed, it helps me rise higher!

Especially when I see it or hear it coming from every corner of travel!

I have heard more success stories in this past week than I’ve heard in almost the entire past year.

Here are just a few ...

  • An agency beat its goal of $1 million by selling $2 million in the month of March.

  • An advisor booked $80,000 in commission revenue for 2023.

  • Another made one phone call that ended in a multi-gen family booking to Australia.

  • Expedia Cruises, Alberta held an online Rally with close to 200 Consultants attending.

  • AMA Waterways had the highest booking month in the history of the company in March.

Each of these successes has one thing in common. They were based on taking action. They picked up the phone, created an event, or hosted webinar after webinar - and never giving up!

When You are Not Flying

Perhaps you’re not there yet. If you are doing the work (which is a must) and have not seen this kind of success yet, it could be for two reasons.

  1. If you are doing the work, making the calls, improving your skills, increasing your visibility, it will come! Trust your efforts. Your good news is right around the corner!

2. You're doing the work but the work doesn't include connecting with clients, now is the time to act! Yes, it's important to attend webinars and improve your skills but success comes from sharing that newfound information with prospects! Your success depends on your ability above all else, to ACT! Even the tiniest movement is better than not moving at all. When You are Flying Be Still, Be Grateful, and Share It Forward! Over the past year, I have noticed a trend. In a culture where being tone deaf is frowned upon, people are reluctant to share their joy when something wonderful happens in their business. For example, earlier on in the pandemic, a friend of mine was scolded for saying he had just had the best day in his entire business on LinkedIn. As a result, people aren't sharing as much and it can feel like there’s not much positive news out there! Yet sharing your wins helps everyone win! Share it Forward! I am experimenting with a concept I call Share it Forward. My hypothesis is that your good news will lead the way for others to see what is possible. Together we will share the momentum to get the industry moving again. For example, this week, I am flying. My new book, Flying Colors was released. I am overwhelmed and grateful for the love and support of so many friends, colleagues, and new friends I have never met who are signing up for my newsletter, buying the book and who attended my Book Launch Party.

I am especially grateful to my dear friend Cathy Denroche for shining her beautiful and generous light on me as the MC of my book launch.

I’m sharing this with you so you can feel like wonderful news for you is around the corner when you do the work.

If you have had good news this week, please share it with me so I can Share it Forward and encourage others. Email me at

Happy Selling and Sharing!

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