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3 Keys to Achieving Your Goals

Updated: Jan 9, 2022

3 Keys to Achieving Your Goals: Mojo always comes first.

Setting goals is one thing. Getting them is something else altogether.

In fact, why even set goals? It is so easy to get blown off course. When there is uncertainty, change, and factors outside your control, you end up giving up.

The biggest issue I see is that the patterns of giving up run so deep that we stop goal setting altogether.

Setting goals is the starting point of both inspiration and making progress. Without setting goals, it's impossible to do either.

There are three keys to goal attainment:

1. Mojo. Mojo always comes first.

Setting exciting goals is important! More than almost anything else you do; your frame of mind creates the space for you to do your best work.

When your mindset is off, the work feels like you are facing gale force winds as you make your way up the mountain.

Here are a few Mojo tips:

  • Take extra care to work in shorter bursts with built-in breaks that lift you up.

  • Surround yourself with like-minded “climbers” who inspire you and support you when the going gets tough.

  • Clear the decks - piles drain mojo

  • Do the tough stuff first

  • Never skip two days in a row

  • If you’re triggered by a tough call or bad news, take a walk outside.

  • Change location. Research shows that even changing where you’re sitting in a room can increase productivity.

2. Mountain. Are You Climbing “Just in Case” Mountain?

In his book Think Again Adam Grant tells a remarkable story of a group of climbers who were ascending the wrong mountain. Even after their instincts told them that everything was off about the climb, they were so committed to reaching the summit that they refused to turn back.

Instead of planting their flag at the top, they had to be rescued by helicopter.

The lesson is, they refused to give up, even after the signs, just in case it was the right mountain.

Just In Case Mountain is anything you pour yourself into that has little chance of converting into a sale. For example, the prospect who never books after multiple quotes or sitting through a webinar on a product you would rarely sell just in case you have a client that might be interested.

It’s like not leaving a slot machine in Vegas in case it pays off!

The Takeaway: Know what mountain you’re climbing by creating vivid goals to help you recognize when you’re on and off track.

3. Momentum. What do you do when you get stuck or procrastinate?

If there is one lesson this pandemic has taught us is that tiny actions done consistently well are the only thing that keeps you moving forward through the stormy weather.

Advisors who’ve taken the time to improve skills, increase visibility, and consistently connect with customers will ascend the fastest.

As you head into 2022, what are the tiny actions you could do every day that would give you the highest return on your time, and help you make your way up that mountain, in any weather?

Wishing you smooth climbing, great company, and an exhilarating view on your journey.

Enjoy the journey!

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