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Better Questions are the Secret to Unlocking Sales

Better Questions is the Secret to Unlocking Sales

“If you want to sell more, earn more, and have more time to travel,

the answer lies in your sales skills.

If you want more profit, better customers, and a bigger business,

improve your sales game by asking better questions.”

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In our last article, we established that improving your sales skills was the key to growth. It also is often misunderstood as being very narrow in scope. You need to sharpen your skills before, during, and after the customer travels.

Today, let’s consider the revenue opportunity that exists during the customer service phase.

Here are three suggestions:

  1. The complete vacation experience.

  2. Upselling the dream.

  3. Keep the flame alive.

1. A complete vacation experience means expanding a client's notion of what is possible in travel. It means painting a picture of private transfers, business class air, private dining, VIP entrances, after-hours exhibits, suites, butlers, and so much more.

Recently we decided to approach an architect about a renovation to our small cottage. We haven’t decided if we will move forward with it, but we knew having professional drawings of what “could be” was well worth the investment.

We gave the architect a budget range so we could decide what is in and what was beyond our limit.

In a similar way, build the complete vacation, by including every dreamy option and upgraded feature available. It is an important way to increase your revenue and customer satisfaction.

For every component think: What's the average way, and what's the upgraded way to do this?

The key: Let your clients be in charge of eliminating options. Your role is to expand their thinking.

Suggested script: This was more than you asked for but I wanted you to know what's possible. As one advisor said, "An upgrade to Business Class is the equivalent of two years saved on Starbucks and gas!"

2. Ask Better Questions: The Purpose of the Trip Uncovers Hidden Revenue Opportunities

The best upselling opportunities come from the questions you ask during the discovery session. Dig deep into the purpose of the trip and uncover motivators for doing something more. For example, the client is celebrating a milestone, such as Grandma's 80th birthday.

Treat those milestones as a separate event – with a dedicated budget. If they were home, they could easily spend thousands of dollars hosting friends and family for dinner.

Don’t assume it’s going to be celebrated by spending the day in Venice on the ship.

One advisor arranged a private tour in a small gallery outside of St.Mark's square, followed by a 5-star private dining experience with a local chef, and an evening of music. She earned an additional $2500 in revenue.

The customers have never forgotten the experience!

3. Keep the flame alive! It’s a long time between deposit and travel. Build a systematic way of keeping the flame alive for the trip. Never hesitate to find ways to expand on components of a trip once it's been booked. Anticipation builds excitement and a willingness to do more!

Pouring over the “perfect trip blueprint” is a gift in itself. Time with you exploring options and living in what might be possible is a key part of the experience. YOU are the experience.

Next Week - Customer Retention: Keeping Customers for Life!


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