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Catching the Energy of the Latest Travel Trends

Catching the Energy of Travel Trends

There is a saying in business I love: “Follow the energy”. Simply put, it means if something is working, do more of it!

American Express just released their *Global Travel Trends report. It is a fascinating look at what’s emerging in the travel mindset for consumers coming out of the pandemic.

Here are a few trends that stood out for me, and how you might use *Discovery Questions" to tap into the energy.

  1. Anticipation Matters: 87% of people surveyed said that having a trip planned in the future gives them something to look forward to

  2. 76% of respondents are creating their destination wish list for future travel even though they might not be able to travel.

  3. Ready to Book Now: 56% of respondents said that they miss traveling so much that they are willing to book a trip now even if they might have to cancel it in the future.

Key Insight: Dreaming is as important as traveling. Do not underestimate the importance of a planning call.

  • It’s time to connect! Reach out and let your clients know how excited you are to be booking travel again.

  • When you connect, step back and consider the big picture. Use this trend of creating a travel wish list to lock in the next few trips, rather than just focusing on the next one.

4.The Budget has Increased: 61% of survey respondents plan to spend more than they normally would on a trip in 2021 since they could not travel in 2020.

5. The pandemic has changed peoples’ perception of luxury travel with personalized experiences (82%), high cleanliness standards (81%), and privacy (79%) being the most desirable luxury amenities among respondents.

Key Insight Start at the higher end of the budget. It’s easier to go down from a higher price.

  • When you present options, help the client justify the price in their own mind, relative to what they believe is most important. Try to find something in your discovery questions that they would consider “priceless”.

  • When recapping the price, reflect on the benefits of personalized experiences, cleanliness, and privacy.

Travel for Good: Several insights reflect on the universal pandemic experience, and lessons learned.

6. Health and Wellness are a top priority. 78% of respondents indicate wanting to travel in 2021 to relieve the stresses from 2020.

7. Backing Local Communities: 72% of respondents agree that they are passionate about traveling to destinations to help boost tourism revenue and the local economy1.

8. Supporting Travel Brands that Prioritize Diversity & Inclusion: 69% of respondents agree that they want to choose an airline/hotel that values diversity and inclusion, and whose employees reflect a diverse customer base.

9. Carbon Conscious Travelers: 60% of respondents agree they want to book airlines that have a carbon neutral commitment.

Key Insight: In your discovery phase, ask your clients to explain to you, what it would mean to them to “recover” from the past year? Coming out of the pandemic, explain how travel fits in with their values?

  • Plan a wow moment or vacation experience that connects directly to their need to de-stress, give back, and travel for “good”.

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