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Getting What You Want by Getting Good

Getting What You Want by Getting Good

It’s a shiny new year with a very upbeat ring to it!

  • 2022 and You!

  • Dreams Come True in 2022!

  • Watcha Gonna Do in 2022?

  • … and so on!

Yet, I know it’s been a long time coming. It seems to never end, with this latest lockdown threatening to squeeze every ounce of optimism from your soul.

If there is one thing that I know for sure is that both your business and your well-being depend on your ability to create personal wins in your life. Even the smallest win makes you feel like you’re in control of what comes your way.

On the upside, embracing one new skill that’s been holding you back can change everything. Getting what you want means getting good! It's rewarding AND it works! 

Here are 5 keys to skilling up.

Step #1: Assess to Start

The best way to learn a new skill is to start with an honest assessment of where you are now.  According to renowned entrepreneur and self-development guru, Dan Sullivan

“All progress starts by telling the truth.”

What skill or skills are you missing to get you to the next level? 

Here are a few areas to consider: Communication, strategy, marketing, social media, sales, service, finance, and time management.

The takeaway: Choose the skill that will make the biggest difference to your goal. 


Step #2: Focus is energy

Did you know that If you placed a magnifying glass on dry kindling at the right temperature, you’d start a fire in 50 to 60 seconds?

Focus on learning a new skill with the right level of intensity, using the right tools and the best resources. You will create an energy that is both precise and powerful.

“Concentrate all your thoughts upon the work at hand.

The sun’s rays do not burn until brought to a focus.”

-Alexander Graham Bell

The takeaway: Focus without distraction to unleash the energy required. 

Step #3 Learning is Power

They say knowledge is power. However, there is something to be said for the journey itself. Learning how to learn is a skill this is a secret weapon.

Learning a new skill allows you to save time, money, and resources. Here are five tips on how to learn faster:

  1. Know how you learn best.

  2. Read the manual. 

  3. Find a friend who already knows how.

  4. Start small, start fast

  5. Teach others

The takeaway: Learning reignites the flame you need to get what you really want. 

Step #4: Test by Doing

What evidence do you have that you are making progress? It doesn’t come from reading a book, watching endless YouTube videos, or scanning the internet.

So often we decide we’re going to tackle a new skill. We dive into Google and YouTube, hoping for the perfect answer.


After endless hours of searching, we start asking or begging for help! JUST DO IT FOR ME! We either give up or spend a fortune trying to get something done. 

The only way to make progress is to just get out and do it! You might make a mess of it on your first try. I cringe at some of my early newsletters and social media posts. It’s hard to put yourself out there.  However, the positive feedback and a bit of good luck keep you going and soon you’re at the next level.

Here’s the good news. Improving on a skill is much easier than adopting a new skill.

The takeaway: You're only a beginner once. 

Step #5:  Sprint to Finish

Its commonly believed that it takes 21 days to create a habit. However, that seems to be a myth. According to Phillippa Lally, a health psychology researcher at University College London, a new habit usually takes a little more than 2 months — 66 days to be exact — and as much as 254 days until it’s fully formed.

In other words, how long it takes is how long it takes. So choose a time frame that is long enough to make an impact, but short enough for you to stay engaged.

In my book, Flying Colours I created a 10X framework to help you achieve new skills and habits every 30 days.

In 2022 set one goal per month and by the end of 2022 you might have 12 new skills you will no longer be a beginner at! 

The Takeaway: Taking on a new skill is exciting. Skilling up by learning how to learn is life-changing!

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