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How to Find the Surface in the Rip Tide of Covid News

This week the cruise industry took another big blow, in a long list of hits on both sides of the border. While we are in a constant tension of wanting the world to be safe and fighting for every sale, I wanted to share a word of encouragement.

You are needed. Your expertise, perspective, and optimism are a beacon of light to yourself and others.

If you have ever been caught in an undertow while you are out swimming, it is an intense experience. Not unlike the feeling you get when bad news in the headlines stop you in your tracks. Your survival instinct kicks in and you immediately try to get your bearings on which way is up. If you feel like you are heading into the undertow of Covid drama, get your bearings by grounding yourself of what you know for sure. Here are a few reminders to point you in the direction of which way is up.

  • Up is that travel will come back, stronger in every way than before.

  • Up is that there is a greater need for your travel expertise, experience, and essence.

  • Up is that there are more leads in the funnel for cruises, and high-end travel than ever before …” We had record-breaking 2023 World Cruise sales that shattered 2022, Jason Montague, President Regent Seven Seas Cruises shared this week.

  • Up is that connecting with clients is FREE and it’s a boomerang gift for you and your clients.

  • Up is that improving your skills now will

pay off because once you learn a skill, it can never be unlearned.

  • Up is that you are not alone.

Good things come to those who wait, but only what’s left by those who hustle.”

  • Abraham Lincoln

It may feel like it's time to wait, but as an industry, the only way to turn this tide is to hustle – together.



My passion is for helping travel entrepreneurs "REE-rebuild" to come back stronger than before.

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Geraldine is like Rocket Fuel. Diane, Owner, Mountain City Travel.

"If someone offers you a seat on a rocket, you don't ask which seat, just get on". Sheryl Sandberg.

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