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Better Customers Always Leads to MORE Customers

More and better customers. It is the mantra of every business to reach the pinnacle of success. A travel business is no different. Growing your business is at the heart of your success. The irony is that we tend to spend more time thinking about more when better come first.

If you create a database full of better customers, you will attract more customers just like them.

What does that mean?

Consider your very best customer. You love serving them. Almost without thinking, you consider their travel needs even when they are not planning a trip. When you have a trip in the works for your best customer, it has your signature service all over it from beginning to end. It is on your favourite cruise line, with a three-night stay in a hotel you have always wanted to try, with every leg of the journey neatly tied together and delivered with a bow on it.

From your customers' perspective, you are indispensable. They would not dream of booking anywhere else.

Here are two ways to get better customers.

Get Better Customers through Referrals

First, that delighted customer who loves you, and loves your service, cannot wait to refer you to anyone who is looking for a knowledgeable travel advisor. You are at the tip of their tongue when someone asks. Your job is to let them know you are currently open to working with a few more clients just like them. They are not mind readers and don't understand how your business works.

· Here is a tip on how to ask for referrals:

"I'm currently looking to add a few more clients to my travel business.

Doing high-quality work with people I care about is important to me. I love working with you! I'd appreciate it if you could refer me to anyone in your circle that needs a professional travel advisor."

Letting clients know that you are adding clients selectively will reinforce how special they are to you. It also puts their mind at ease that you will treat their trusted circle with the same utmost care.

Get Better Customer by Leveraging Your Last Sale

Second, always look to find another buyer for your most recent sale. Curating complex vacation experiences takes a tremendous amount of effort. Put that time and effort to good use and immediately go and sell another ten customers while your experience is fresh and inspired!

For example, you have just booked a multi-gen trip on Celebrity Cruises for a family celebrating an 80th birthday. After much research, comparing the brands, you decided it was the best option. It was complex because you needed to find a suite with two nearby cabins that accommodated quads. You also learned they have an exceptional shore excursion for older kids. If you had not booked it early, it would have been too late.

As soon as you have closed a complex sale, create a mini-sales blitz to find other multi-gen customers. Nothing beats the confidence and conviction that comes from a recent sale. Plus, it is so much easier to sell something tangible.

Then you close a sale, it is easy to celebrate and move on. Make a habit of asking your client, your peers, your circle of influence and social media following.

· Here's is a script for your sales blitz: "Do you know anyone celebrating a big milestone this next year? I've got something really special I'd love to share that ticks all the boxes!

Happy Selling!

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