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The Purpose of Your Travel Business

The purpose of a business is to create and keep a customer.

– Peter Drucker.

These powerful words have always been a compass for my actions.

When I was new to the business, working ten-hour days and into the weekends, I began my obsession with how I do less while achieving the same result? I started noticing people around me who were able to achieve remarkable things.

Like when you’re trying to get fit, and you have a heightened awareness of people around you who do it effortlessly!

Michael Drever, founder of CruiseShipCenters was one of those people. While I was flailing away, working long hours, I noticed how relaxed he was about work. He was a busy CEO, yet there was something unique about the way he approached work. Confident, laid-back, yet at the same time goal-oriented and driven.

He said it’s easy. Just do what it takes to create a customer, and not much more. He pulled out a pen and piece of paper and created a T-account with two headings: Makes money, and, Does not make money

Under the “make money” column he wrote, “Call customers until I make a sale."

When he started out, he needed a customer a day to reach his million-dollar goal. If it took two calls to do it, he would hit the golf course after making a sale. If it took ten calls and a full day, or longer, that’s what he did. He became an expert at knowing what it took to create a customer.

He said, “It rarely takes more than ten calls. The problem is most people don’t even want to make the first one. They find all kinds of other things to fill their day."

What's your T-intersection? Is it to create a customer? Is it to create more and better customers?

My goal is to work with high achievers to help them grow. My T is: Helps someone grow, Does not help someone grow.

I'm still not on the golf course. :-) Once I feel like I've made a difference, I enjoy a two-hour walk with an audiobook or a trip out of the house - pretty much anywhere! (My new goal since Covid is to get out every day).

I'm also no longer spending hours of time editing words that no one will care about or scrolling through social media to see how the world is doing.

What could you do in your business that would have a direct connection to achieving your goal? What are the things you could stop doing that don't take you closer to that goal?

Check out more ideas for creating customers at my Masterclass: Business Building Ideas for Travel Advisors.

Enjoy the journey!

PS ...

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