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The Rule of Three

The Rule of Three

I admit I used to be a House Hunters junkie. Do you remember that TV show? Perhaps its’ my secret life goal of being a home renovator or the savvy real estate agents who made it look like such a worthwhile endeavor to help  buyers find their “dream home.”

In this show, they effectively demonstrated the Rule of Three. It goes as follows: 

  1. Always give clients what they asked for.

  2. Give them something that is a slight stretch.

  3. Give them something out of reach with irresistible benefits that make them feel like they are living the dream!

Here’s how these rules play out in your business.

1. Always give the clients what they asked for. 

It’s hard to present products that you don’t believe in. While it’s critical to have a setlist of approved suppliers, when you don’t present what they asked for it can be very frustrating to the client. 

Barring a product is a risk to the client, present the option requested. It's all in how you do it.

When you say, “Oh you don’t really want that low-end property or, simply omit to present it, the client doesn’t feel heard.

Instead, do the research, and say something like this: 

“Here is the product you asked for. I recall you mentioned that safety was a primary concern. Unfortunately, this property doesn’t offer any of the social distancing requirements that you were looking for. This cruise, on the other hand, has the strictest safety protocols in travel today." 

The Payoff: Clients feel heard and you build trust.

2. Always give the client something that is a slight stretch. 

There are born five-star clients. The rest climb the luxury ladder one rung at a time. Clients dabble in upgrades such as flying premium or business class, never to return to the economy ever again! 

The feeling your clients get when they get the VIP treatment is the one they come back telling their friends about. Or they say to themselves, boy, does my travel agent know he or she is doing! 

Have an array of upgrade opportunities ready to present at every point in the customer journey. It helps educate your clients on how to travel better.

The Payoff: You introduce a long-term upgrade strategy. Your clients will never go back!

3. Always offer a luxury version of what they have asked for.

What would a fully expressed, luxury version of the trip they requested look like? Here's what's new: Research shows that customers are willing and expecting to pay more for travel. Privacy is a new luxury. According to Adroit Market research, luxury is the fastest-growing segment in the travel industry.

The only way you know whether something is truly out of the budget is to explore it with the client. Help your client make the connection that the more they pay, the greater the value of what's included!

The Payoff: Showing clients the fully loaded option will do one of two things.

  1. It will inspire them that this is their time to book a trip of a lifetime!

  2. At the very least it will open their eyes to elements of the luxury version of the trip. They may decide to dabble!

Always remember the Rule of Three! One advisor who tried this strategy of offering a luxury version with EVERY quote, increased her sales by $1 million dollars in less than a year. Another become the top luxury salesperson in her office from being the lowest in sales as she was brand new to the business! You can do it!

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