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The Secret To Raising The Game Is Not What You Think

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The Secret to Raising the Game is Not What You Think

I’m on a journey of exploring what sets high achievers apart. Something I found along the way surprised me.

First, I firmly believe that we all have the same innate desire to “achieve”. We don’t wake up every day saying, how can I be a low achiever.

Circumstances, setbacks, and values all shape our desire to activate our goals.

The inability to self-actualize through goal achievement leads to a staggering lack of engagement. In fact,

the 2021 State of the Global Workforce Report by Gallop suggests

that less than 20% are engaged.

The remaining 80% are either not engaged, or actively disengaged.

The other factor to consider is whether a person is thriving personally. Do they seem alive, vibrant, and bringing their best self to every situation?

What if we shifted the environment at work. Could we get the entire organization to engage and thrive?

Where would you find yourself and your team on this grid?

Here is the surprising part. While most of my attention has been focused on helping leaders engage individuals who have Opted Out and Checked Out based on the research, I find myself looking at the other end of the scale. What would it take to raise the game of the high achievers who ARE engaged?

Somewhere along the way stopped thriving.

It’s a fine line between standing out and burning out. A line that is being stretched during the uncertainty of the pandemic. When I asked leaders, what keeps you up at night, all too often I heard, “our team is being stretched thin”. As one leader described, “You know there have been devastating layoffs when General Managers are answering the phone and CMO’s are covering the sales desk. My top people are burning out.” The bottom line: In a pandemic recovery workplace, engagement is not the only metric to consider. We need to help high-achieving leaders thrive personally and professionally to recover from burnout. Burnout is something I have brushed many times in my career. I am a born go-getter. I’ve learned that as much as I love achieving BIG goals, I’ve also felt the harsh reality of getting in my own way. Too much work, too much of the load (much of which I created for myself), and too little rest.

It’s like being in a one-person tug of war with the world. You have a deep commitment to the cause, yet it's hard to ask for help when

you’re at the top.

Sometimes letting go of the rope is the best thing you can do for yourself and for your team.

  • Let go of the need to have 20/20 vision during uncertainty. Lean into direction and collaboration instead.

  • Let go of the notion that your ideas must carry the day. Without buy-in, you’ll find yourself doing all the heavy lifting.

  • Let go of the need for recognition from others. At the end of the day and say to yourself, “job well done.” Even better, write it down! Gratitude works wonders in re-igniting the flame.

  • Let go of the chief inspector role, finding all the flaws in things that don’t really matter. Turn to head cheerleader instead, catching people doing things right.

  • Let go of long hours and working weekends. Create a calendar that you’re excited to show up for.

  • Let go of back-to-back meetings without breaks. Read the research by Stanford University professor, Leanne Williams, Ph.D. There are 8 self-protecting strategies that prevent you from being present and thriving when there is no recovery time between meetings. My go-to is "ruminating" instead of being present.

  • Let go of having it all together. Lean into knowing that you have it all. You have everything you need to thrive again.

High engagement when you are not thriving is a recipe for burnout. The secret is to seek both. It's helpful to start by being curious and honest about where you are. Most high achievers have a hard time admitting that they are not thriving, let alone asking for the help they need. This is in part due to the fact they don't know how much they need it.

If you or someone on your team is struggling with balancing dedication with the ability to find joy and purpose, please reach out. I help high-achieving leaders find another gear and thrive!


Quote of the Week


A Leader I Admire:

One of the leaders I admire most is Vicki Freed, SVP Royal Caribbean International.

I could tell you about her brilliant essence, her unparalleled passion for the front line, or her ability to lead with resilience. All true in spades!

What stands out most about Vicki is her dedication to "doing the work". Whether it's writing personalized, handwritten notes, doing her homework before interviewing guests on her Coffee Talk, to noticing things about people. Vicki does the work that others only talk about.

Vicki's Tips is a shining example of what "doing the work" looks like. Like clockwork, Vicki's Tips hits our collective inbox. Her consistent presence with reassuring tidbits of advice has helped an entire industry find its true north.

I am beyond proud to be included in her work to help others grow.

If you haven't already subscribed, Vicki's Tips is a must!

Enjoy the journey!

PS Calling all leaders! I need to unpack your genius to help others. You have experiences and expertise that is too good not to share! I am doing research for my next book, Becoming Us: Unpacking the Genius of High Achievement to Help the Team Thrive. Please book a call with me below! I promise it will be short and sweet! Book a meeting: PSS If you know someone who would benefit from this newsletter, please share!

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