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Timing is Everything

“When is the timing right for you?”

Asking your clients this simple question can change everything about the future of your travel business.

Let’s consider four phases of “timing.”

1. Right now.

We’ve had more good news about travel re-opening. Following the science, government officials, and the World Health Organization, the barriers to travel are decreasing.

While the timing may not be right for everyone, that number is shifting upward every day.

2. Fast forward to January.

Imagine the surge of the rebound three months from now, combined with the natural “WAVE” of bookings which follows the family holidays.

The inquiries are now flowing in. Yet, these leads are much different than in the past. They have more questions, and the time it takes to make a booking seems to be expanding.

Time is slipping away.

3. By the end of the first quarter.

The business continues to climb for you. While you’re grateful at long last to be sending clients off to travel, you wonder, where the time is going?

You are tired of being on the FAQ desk for “Travel and Covid”.

Here are the facts: shows 289 different Covid related questions on travel. A single question regarding Travel and Covid generated over 5 billion searches.

You simply cannot run a travel business without finding a new way to manage your time and energy.

4. Looking back a year from now.

Is your business all it can be? Are you working with people you love, doing work you love, the way you love to travel?

These next 90 days are critical to you creating your business, instead of responding to it.

This simple question, “when is the timing right for you?” will fill your pipeline now, next quarter, and every quarter.

Nobody can control time. Yet when you KNOW the timing for your ideal customers, you can anticipate it. You can set a next call date, and increase your quality time spent working on the business, instead of responding to it.

I used to think that timing was everything.

I have since learned that now is the time for everything.

Stella Mowen

Enjoy the journey!

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