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How to Grow Your Own Leads

Updated: May 29, 2023

Topping up Your Sales Pipeline

The more contacts you have in your sales pipeline, the more connections you make, higher your sales probability.

We all know that "sales" is a numbers game!

The obvious question is, where do you find more contacts?

The answer is everywhere, once you start looking. In the same way when you are shopping for a new car, you start to see the make and model everywhere. When you have a clear picture of what your ideal prospect looks like, you start to notice where they hang out.

To build a thriving travel business you need a balance of proactive selling and servicing your clients. Whether you have been running a travel business for 20 years or 20 months, refreshing or adding to the top of your funnel is a critical business strategy.

Adding contacts, today becomes the leads of tomorrow.

The mistake most advisors make is waiting until they need the sales to think about sales. Clients move away or sadly become too old to travel. Then it can be frustrating and may feel pushy or desperate to invite people in.

Here are six simple steps to consistently adding prospects to the top of the funnel so that more and better travel customers come out of the bottom!

1. Be consistent. Conduct one or two sales actions every week that specifically pull new clients towards you. Call, email, text, network, post, or bake cupcakes - you choose! Do something that invites new people into your circle of influence as a travel professional.

2. Attract the ones you REALLY want! Adding or refreshing allows you to suggest in your message that you are seeking ideal clients – not just anyone. You are looking for globetrotting adventurers, or suggest that life is too short to never meet a penguin!

3. Create an interactive Newsletter on travel trends that provide value to your readers and invites them into a conversation.

a. Tell them something new and interesting they could not find on the internet. A hot new video or” best of” list.

b. Ask for input on a decision you are pondering – Europe or Australia in 2024? Try a cool app like Survey Monkey for surveys or Score App to find out their ‘travel personality”.

. c. Invite them to an event where they will learn important NEW information about sustainable travel.

“According to a recent survey 90% of consumers want sustainable travel 70% don’t know where to start." Skift, 2023

4. Strike an alliance! What is hot in hobbies right now may be the next big thing in travel. A recent conference and advisor had the name Good on the agent for jumping the trend. What’s next?

5. Become a contributor to someone else’s newsletter. Realtors, Financial Planners, Home Decorators all have the same goal as you. To deepen their relationship with clients who also happen to travel. You are a value add to their service, and vice versa.

6. Create a compelling email to 25, 50 or 100 people that are in your circle of influence with an "Important News About My Business". You may already be a client of theirs. This is a productive annual exercise to do once a year (not just when you start your business) to keep key influencers apprised of your business and how much you would like to serve their associates, friends, and family.


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