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From IMpossible to I AM Possible

Updated: Jul 19, 2021

From IMpossible to I AM Possible

Richard Branson just flew on the first commercial aircraft into space. He jettisoned himself and his crew at mock speed away from the safety of earth. He playfully experienced zero gravity, gazed back at the earth’s atmosphere from space, and returned to the safety of his family and adoring fans – all within an hour.

What stood out for me was not only that he had done the impossible. Nor that he had kept the passion for the project alive for decades, paving the way for "everyday" people to share a similar experience in the future.

It was that he took the time during the experience to speak to the children. He reminded them that dreams really do come true!

Richard Branson had dreamed of going to space since the moment “a human” first stepped onto the moon. His Dad took him into the backyard, looked up at the moon, and explained what was possible, and asked him to imagine it!

There is never enough money, time, attention, or energy to do everything we want to in a day, a year, or a lifetime. We do not have the right skills, knowledge, network, or confidence to be who we want to be or to be as big as Richard Branson, or anyone else we admire.

There are a million reasons why things are not possible…

but what if they are?

Imagine if you built a possibility mindset into your routine?

When you have a dream and keep your mind focused on what is possible, rather than what’s not possible, it is like flying above the cloud cover with blue skies as far as your eye can see. Don't cloud your vision with doubts. It shuts down the thinking that helps you figure things out.

Here are three ways you can build possibility mindset thinking into your routine.

1. “Begin with the end in mind” (Steven Covey). … AND visualize it in living colour. Take your vision one step further and add as much detail as possible.

  • What is your goal?

  • Who is with you when you achieve it?

  • How will you spend your days differently once you “arrive”?

One of the reasons we fail to achieve our vision is that our mind is not convinced. Your brain is like your inner skeptic. It's hardwired to protect us from going out of our comfort zone. Filling in the details of what your world will be like once you achieve your goal, gives you a much greater chance of creating it.

Whatever the mind can conceive, and believe, it can achieve.”

Napoleon Hill.

2. Surround yourself with astronauts. Whatever you aspire to achieve, find other people who have already achieved similar success. Study their habits and routines. Their success is your roadmap.

Richard Branson commented that of all the calls he received to congratulate him, it was the call from Buzz Aldrin that meant the most.No doubt he studied Buzz's journey countless times before strapping his seatbelt to space.

3. Do a lot with a little. The opposite of scarcity – I do not have enough, or I am not enough – is abundance. I have enough. I AM enough. Whatever you have, grow it.

  • If you have time, make the most of it.

  • If you have great skills, leverage them.

  • If you have a gem of an idea, share it.

  • If you have a network, build upon it.

  • If you have talent, trade it.

  • If you have a routine, improve it.

An abundant mindset means that you can move beyond the limits of what you do not have and see possibilities in everything you do have.

What is the rocket ship you want to put into space?

Enjoy the journey!


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