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Getting Unstuck: How to Get Out of the Mud

Does the weight of uncertainty leave you feeling stuck in the mud? Are you gun shy based on your experiences through the pandemic? It turns out you are not alone.

  • A global study by Oracle Workplace Intelligence finds over 75% of people feel “stuck” personally and professionally

  • 88% of people say their meaning of success has changed since the pandemic started

  • 85% of people want technology to help define their future

  • 80% have been negatively impacted and 90% have shifted priorities.

The world and your brain are conspiring to keep you where you are. Stuck is safe. At least it feels safe in the short term. Long term, being stuck is the worst place for you.

Being stuck limits your growth and stifles the abundant opportunities available to you. Waiting things out feels good in the moment but is not a strategy for becoming who you were meant to be, or getting what you want.

The key to getting unstuck lies in these three rules.

1. The rule of doing the small stuff every day. Consider your goals. If you want to sell a million dollars, book a customer every day, or simply get back in the game, what’s one small thing you can do every day to make that happen? Here are a few ideas …

  • Call one customer a day

  • Add one name to your database a day

  • Learn one new thing a day

  • Find something that inspires you every day

  • Be inspiring everyday

  • Read once a day, walk once a day, journal once a day

What is one thing you could do that would have a positive impact on your well-being and your goals?

2. The rule of mojo. Cars do not run without gas. Athletes don’t perform without fuel. Travel advisors do not and should not engage without your mojo!

Booking travel is an intense experience. You must listen with interest, be a detective looking for clues, consider and weigh options, mitigate risk, generate enthusiasm, and wrap it all in a bow of confidence and conviction.

Mojo means that you need to look after your mindset. It’s a precious thing that we often take for granted.

Take time to think about what puts you in a positive frame of mind, and what takes the wind out of your sails.

When you surround yourself with negative news, people, and problems, you become stuck in a downward spiral of low energy.

Becoming unstuck can be as simple as

walking away from a negative conversation.

3. The rule of growth. The single most compelling way to become unstuck is to learn something new. Learning sparks human development, broadens your perspective, and prepares you for the future.

The most exciting aspect of learning a new skill is the increase in confidence that comes with it.

Choose a skill that will set you up for success over the long term.

Lately, I’ve been asking clients, what’s the one skill you wish you had learned earlier in your career? What’s stopping you from starting now?

The first step is to apply rule #1. Start small.

If you need to get unstuck, let's have a chat. I help people find new strategies for becoming better than ever. It's what I do.

PS Are you looking for feedback on your current plan or help with a roadblock? I offer a complimentary 30-minute strategy call. Book HERE.

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