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Time Is More Than Money

The Service Fee Conversation is Part of a Bigger

Customer Service Strategy

Time is money. How you spend it determines how profitable you are. If you invest it well, it will multiply.

However, if there is one takeaway from the pandemic that has been embellished on our collective consciousness, is that time is more than money.

Life is short and the comeback is going to be bumpy. It is the perfect time to make important decisions on how you will spend your time.

In your travel business, how you spend your time is largely connected to who you spend your time with.

I firmly believe that who you spend your time with is one of the most important decisions you will make in your business.

Your challenge is to build a business that is full of raving fans who would do anything or pay anything to work with you. Your goal is to become indispensable to your customers.

Indispensable has a value that most people are delighted to pay for.

It also has a cost. You simply cannot be indispensable to everyone. When you charge a fee, you are selecting a client that you will go above and beyond for.

Charging a fee is like the checkered flag at the Indy 500. When a client is exploring the possibility of travel, the flag is up. When a client says “yes, we are now working together,” the flag is lowered and the customer-for-life servicing begins!

Consider the fee as the starting line that differentiates selling from servicing. It no longer becomes an awkward moment between a buyer and a seller. It’s now an integral part of your process.

Whether you charge a fee or not, be aware of where your clients are in the buying process.

Do not cross the starting line until that flag has been lowered!

So often in your enthusiasm to share your expertise, you give away your genius for free. The easiest way to get shopped is to provide that one single gem of knowledge that a client cannot find on the internet. You will not even know that the nugget they were looking for has slipped out. Then, like a puff of smoke, the prospect is gone.

This is an easy way to remember the difference between selling and servicing:

"Stay in the why before they buy”. Matt Church

Charging fees is not breaking news to your client. In fact, the early research is that clients expect it as the demand for “advice” regarding safety protocols is at an all-time high.

It is a news flash to yourself that your time is valuable. Your essence, experience, and expertise are rare. A fee solidifies that you are in “agreement” that your extraordinary service has begun.

Your client's time is also precious. They want to spend it wisely, especially when it comes to travel. Choosing the right agent is a big decision for them. Like any other service, consumers understand that professionals who are in high demand cost more.

Take your time.


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